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Degree pledge, it can save an enormous amount of energy. Here's why About half the energy consumed in your home is used for heating and cooling. So my taking the two degree pledge and reducing your home's energy use by two degrees. You could help make a big difference in energy conservation and save money at the same time. One of the simplest measures is to install a programmable thermostat and sent it to a conservative temperature, especially when you're not at home. By making this and other smart choices. You can save even Morrell energy without sacrificing your comfort. The energy savings minute is a public service by this station and the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration Institute. For many people during this pandemic, the holiday season is not as merry and bright as the postcards and songs might portray Seven counties services of Kentucky serves thousands in the community each year through its crisis line. They've seen an uptick and calls for help since the pandemic hit and are anticipating and even greater increase going into the holidays. With us now. On the phone is Geneva Robinson, the director of Crisis and Information Center at seven County Services. Welcome Thanks for being with us. Thank you so much for having me first of all, what is seven County services and whom doesn't serve Sure, Seven County services is the designated community Mental Health center. For the Jefferson and six surrounding counties of bullet. Henry Oldham shall be center and tremble and we provide services to spoke through 26 locations. And over 85 different, unique programs all pertaining to issues with behavioral health. Alcohol and drug addictions and developmental disabilities. Yet the crisis and Information center, which is a program of seven counties that I work with, we actually provide services beyond those seven counties and through a toll free number that we offer folks. We provide services to people who live throughout the entire state of Kentucky. Anyone can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to receive telephone crisis counseling and suicide prevention services. That's good to know that seven county services provides this line for anybody in the state. Yeah, correct. That's correct, and we're also part of the national Suicide prevention Lifeline Network. What people may have heard called Lifeline before Justin in short, which means that we're part of a national network of call centers. So really anyone can call one 2731 802 73 talk ta lk 24 hours a day and be connected to the next open available crisis counselor throughout this network system so that there is help available for folks from anywhere in the United States. Any time,.

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