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A cb radio ace station with many antennas strung up in the air so basically a big base station with everything know strung up in the air that's called an antenna farmed so anyways let's talk to glade who's up next year real quick a blade welcome to drive radio what's going on well i wanted you're at where he i i've gotta p thousand burke jakoet k and i'm thinking about going up more on a super charger and hooper charter bore even one k there's a couple of different while there's one called that's the thing that made in colorado spring then there's one other company i can't remember the name opd pop my head back through protector on the pros and cons con to my knowledge and you can too little research on this on your own but the rip rip super charger for that particular political i think works the best of them all does it really is the most expensive but i think you get the in fact i just talked to a i i do some consulting for some automotive shops and so on i just had a guy that didn't install on one of those about two weeks ago that said that was the best running jk he's ever been in what about the attleboro look i don't know much about that one in they were not building those when i still had my shop so i never installed one of those we had done some of the rips early on and we had done some of the ones down on the springs and i'm not trying to be mean here but i'll go let me just say this the ones in the springs we didn't have super great luck with uh huh i that i get a couple of years and you've got rid of your shop so with the pretext out then yes it was in when we were doing you know we're doing those along with heavy conversions do in the five seven six chinese and so on um i now and in that at that point yellow.

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