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Here's Kevin figgers in college football top-ranked, Alabama, shutout Mississippi State, twenty four to nothing to a tongue of I lo-. Threw a touchdown pass before leaving the game late in the third quarter after taking a helmet to the knee. Second ranked Clemson dominated Boston College twenty seven to seven Tigers health eagles to just one hundred thirteen yards on the night. Elsewhere number nineteen Texas won a big twelve. Shootout over Texas Tech forty wants at thirty four another shoot out in the big twelve saw number seven, Oklahoma outlasts Oklahoma state, forty eight to forty seven as a Cowboys missed a two point conversion in the final minute. Notre Dame steamroll to stay despite not having quarterback. Ian book wins for LSU, Washington state and Georgia the NBA LeBron James scored twenty five points for the Lakers and a win over Sacramento. Memphis beat the seventy Sixers in overtime. Sixers are shorthanded as they await your wife of Jimmy Butler wants their trade is finalized next week Dallas Golden State in San Antonio with victories as well. I'm Kevin figgers. This is where you hear Tigers basketball six hundred telling you are EC. Memphis, ninety two point one FM W E G R HD two Memphis, an iheartradio station. Fox news. I'm del Walter's. The numbers tell the story in paradise California. All but destroyed by the camp wildfire six thousand four hundred and fifty three single family residence. Destroyed. Non residential commercial properties the numbers two hundred and sixty. Which gives us a grand total of six thousand seven hundred thirteen captain Steve Kauffman Twenty-three dead one hundred ten still missing adding to the concern..

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