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I mean, it's it's just been amazing. Just, you know, see them really start to own all areas in drive a lot of also permits there Emon, our next focus has been around. You're just kind of the kind of, you know, the our cloud infrastructure into Roussel products can be building. And so we've made several higher stare both kind of like cloud infrastructure engineers. And then also we have a marketing sales are that we've made her start at about the size of the vice with this strategy is that you insane came up with was was the in your venture capital folks involved this or is it they're they're out of the pitcher team doing a building. I mean, this is a mix. Yes. Shows makes too. I mean, this is this is a reasonably standard assess gross strategy, which is saying it's like you. You have to have tons and tons of opens her stop Shen before you can have a great business. So I mean, that's why I didn't even think about starting a company until assessed. Broth was like his on. 'cause I need is devoured date that you know, it what it could grow that business section made sense in so in the end, even after raise money, the focus was okay. Let's set the foundation. So that, you know, get speaking grow in to even way better than it is now and get the right people in place to kind of shepherd that growth, and then once you know, that was kind of like sailing on then we started moving focus only, then to worrying about the commercial side of things. It sounds like it sounds like you think it's common. College. And I would say potentially in what you're doing. What you've done. I would say that the reason why I think it's conversationalist podcasts make sense that is not coming knowledge in that, you know, to you it seems because you're maybe you're so close to it in your ended every day. And that's all you think about it's common knowledge. But I would think that, you know, the types of hires you made the strategy behind them in the reasons why you think the work your confidence is is not extremely common. I wouldn't disagree with that. It's common to the small group of people that think about the stuff, right and have experienced with stuff. There are other things. I mean, there are blog post, you know, that line Ovation's out. So the end of any and you can look at you know, what? You know, there's there's been a number of very successful companies like elastic is category. So on meal soft yet? So you can also just like look at what other what other Mungo db is integrate one if you can look at what these these companies have done and learn a lot from is models. It's not agree common knowledge in the sense that lots of people now, it it's common in the sense that the future is unevenly distributed comment. You know, where if you happen to be in the pocket of open source vanities? You mentioned numbers blatant game. This conversation least dimension numbers. But just since you mentioned, the growth is we haven't talked about really at all in the same blow pushed you mentioned Gatsby as used by tens of thousands of developers in orbs in his downloaded nearly half a million times per month, and this is back into eighteen. So I'm assuming this numbers that may be doubled since then or lease to at least some some some ex-. What's the X on those numbers have across the board? You know, pretty much are growing like website, traffic downloads, stars, etc. Are growing like fifteen twenty. Maybe personally, our you transitioning because I mean, the allowed this conversation was in the thick of prominent strategy in parts of it somewhat technical. And so obviously your engine near entrepreneur how much do you struggle with tearing that line of engineers, EEO and. Your shift in change in role..

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