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Tomba charts in two thousand six triggering anyway. Leave going down go. So it's going down crooner young jock i could have. I would have put money on this. Being unlike the michael strahan thing which shook me to my core because he did it on march thirtieth which i think is unfair and it's does should count as an april fool's his tooth gap. Actually we all talk about it. Michael strahan gobert of his tooth gap his the gap in the middle of his teeth. And then it was an april fools joke that by that we fully bought because it wasn't on april and bobby claims that it doesn't count because it wasn't on april but i claim it was just a really good prank because he fooled us by doing the reveal on april first but he did the actual act the prank on in march. I mean he did give a twist. It was we are. We have our you know our ears. Perked up on april fools we. We expect a joke so he was like well. I'm going to do it a few days before which is smart. But it's also not april fools. I just would argue that. It's not april fools anymore. I mean but he did the reveal of the fool. You're just mad. You got played by the full. We both got up just got played. Yeah okay well. Michael is still there. Were not many good april fools like tori. Should there have been like i'm pregnant. Just kidding everybody was like fuck. Yeah and it was like okay. Switch honestly with that was fair but young kyu but young. Jocks was not in april april. Fools can happen eared. He gave fake beard. So it's like depending on who you see. It's like fake beard glued to beard beard. We've a win on it. It's it's very Chia pet that's what our minds me of. It looks like a little pat. I don't want to pretend to know how this technology works. But it's not a week because you have to have existing hair there for protecting. We like kind of glued on. And if you didn't know that he didn't have a show hair. I think you could. Maybe be april fooled. Like if you didn't know it looks. It looks convinced me a little if you gave him. The if you were like really squinting year like find. This is this is real. But he famously. Like cannot grow because he's been on levin hip hop for like a hundred years. He's been on loving it up atlanta forever so like he's talked about the fact that he doesn't grow visual here and he wishes he could so he can lose..

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