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Normal high for the date forty four. Today is the twenty ninth of January Kansas day on this day eighteen sixty one the state of Kansas was born right here in the middle of the country. And every survey we take an every thing, you know, we're we're ranked anywhere is always Wichita Kansas is right in the middle anywhere from twenty to thirty fifth somewhere in there. Proud to be from Kansas ship. I like being from here. Well, you know. This is our home. I mean hard to argue with that. But. People are born here, and they get the heck out. Well, my late sister-in-law berry one of those people. My wife's Sister, Mary who got married and left and went back to Texas where her husband was from and spent her most of her adult life in Texas. Always always wanted to come back to what Utah. She couldn't. They couldn't get to where she could come back to her hometown. The chichi led Wichita Kansas, which made simple for me because I got to know her very well to use a good good friend of mine anything I it's Christmas time or birthday. I'd I just find something that had Wichita on it and mail it to Mary, and she'd be extended to go how many people are like that. They lead the state it, you know, there are a lot of great things about state. I mean, obviously, we always talk about tonight. We don't have any mountains. We do have some lakes. We know our limitations, but you know, that's all part of it. But you know, that's part of what you have had mountains, and it wouldn't be special. You get what you get these great people of character. Right. Like, you and me, exactly. But seriously, you've got super sunsets. Mr. Eisenhower for one he's talking about politics fellow by the name of Alfred Landon and his daughter who was. A US Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum there's a couple of people Amelia Earhart. I mean, terrific people from Kansas. Barry, Barry Sanders. Sanders. Dan, Glickman, Dan Glickman, meet people from Kansas. So I I'm with you. I I can't imagine. I guess I could live in another state of have do. I don't want to this is a good place. That's that's why you stayed here. Celebrate Kansas day today. It is Kansas state. Police say a fifty three year old woman was trapped for three days in the elevator of the Manhattan townhouse owned by billionaire investment banker Warren Stevens, he was rescued yesterday. After authorities responded to a nine one one call from the home near central park, firefighters, freed the housekeeping employees after forcing entry into the elevator. Stevens family issued a statement calling a Meritas four LIZA a valued member of the Stephen's extended family for eighteen years said they were relieved thankful that. She is doing well at a New York hospital where she arrived suffering from dehydration again. You think about that somebody three days in an elevator? It would not be pleasant was not pleasant. Nope. And I would just be screaming. My head off hour after hour to my voice gave I don't know what she did. Obviously, she probably tried to do that. And nobody was nobody could hear her, and nobody paid attention. Yeah. I mean, you're desperate on day one. Then another day goes by and nothing happens in that third. You'd almost you probably start to think. Well, is this it in being in the cramped cramped like that? Oh, now, let's talk a little bit about Super Bowl coming up this weekend. A lot of a lot of talk about that. But of course, the New England Patriots and LA Rams and. And since legal sports books began popping up in states outside of the Americans. We'll have a lot riding on this game from friendly. Wagers to barroom pools to traditional betting with bookmakers both legal and illegal in estimated six billion dollars will be wagered by Americans on the Super Bowl. That's according to survey results released by the American gaming association. That's a trade group representing the casino industry. I would imagine that's a little light. When you say, you're probably right. Just just guys like you. Megyn Kelly says you're such a big patriots fan. You take the patriots for five bucks or something? Like that. No. We don't do that. We never wager on anything. Nearly ten percent of American adults ten percent plan to bet on the Super Bowl in one way or another. According to the survey, and they are divided on which team to back. Fifty two percent. Of the twenty two zero one survey two thousand two hundred people surveyed said they would bet on the Rams the other forty eight percent on the patriots about that. So they should wind betting on the Rams, maybe more. More money that way. I don't know. That doesn't even enter my mind what betting on the Super Bowl that has never ever occurred to me is something I would want to do. The brother-in-law who always says who loves sports love sports and loves to watch. But he says it's always a little bit better. If you've got some money on, obviously, if you're invested in county more exciting. Some money. But my luck is always been in any kind of gambling situation, you might as well just handed, the money's goodbye and walk away. 'cause number win. How many lottery tickets have you bought Powerball tickets bought maybe two in my imagine about where I am. It's just it's not something that doesn't really occur to me. It's interesting though, my money away on that. I've always from the time. I was a little guy always knew that. You know, if you want something, you gotta earn. It you got to put on some effort. If you want anything worthwhile that they're human beings say, well, maybe I can do it the easy way. And I don't have to put any effort into it other than buying too. But I'm too lazy to even buy a ticket on the same way. Going into the win in Las Vegas and put a twenty dollar Bill and the machine it sucked it in. And I pushed one button and. And I'm like, well that was pretty quick way for me to lose twenty bucks. You're a quick learner. That wasn't very good at all. I'm going to stop doing this time in Las Vegas one time play a nickel slots, and I think I I one dollars one time. And that's a that's a lot of Nichols. That's almost about half of what I've already put into this. Anyway, we're not big gambler. I guess not folks are going to be betting on that game. You know, it come Sunday seven forty two now Stephen Ted here.

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