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Cake. You didn't save any anybody else. They did actually say, please, can you make sure you don't eat to save some for the rest of the field. Good. So you generally, enjoying running off the London thing I genuinely had really locked by saying Losch again, sorry, one, he's committed about a lot just let you know, lushes Westcountry, as well. And I am from Westcountry I had from the west country too late to say that I was like Joe lush. So I genuinely have a lovely weekend, and I'm just actually that's the other thing too. I'm really struggling to actually find races in the moment. So locally to me that I can I can do this also sure to start all. So it is somebody is quite different races. So, but yes. So that's why I've been doing long just easing cake running fast and you've been running fast as well. See went off more Hof marathon loss week, I also got the my first sub eighteen park run the weekend, which she quieting what did it? I won the four. Since July June July last year. Maybe a my done in August asked you is quite some time. That was when I got that injury at I just had to step off. And it's taken this long to get back to that Carter shape. I did have a go a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't do it because I did a forty five forty five five six six oh, five or something and missed it. So this week, I'd another go and did it. Coombe pool. Yes, seventeen fifty eight just sneaked it. Well. I haven't been in seventeen for a long time. Yeah, quite do. It's quite good. I was pleased that gives me personally a little something to build on. And so I dropped in a session. As well. Few days later did a six might like this did a six mile Royal flush. Yes, we a nice easy mile. And then I did a six mile Royal flush with the final. My aim was do the final mile at the same pace. You ran your pod run five K 's of eighteen at weekend. So I knew I was aiming for final mile in five forty five. Oh, nice tasty. So I did five forty to find a mile. But I did a speech in front of me. Somebody likes Steph Kaycee seven yeah. Yeah. Some it like seven minutes. Six full TV six twenty six minutes whatever it is. And then five fully too big chunk of you in shape movement on a. Though. Sometimes in new training, you understand their trajectory, whether that's awful died. And sometimes it's just flat and often people get when, when people hit a plateau in their training is just flat, and then really getting any better or worse, and that can last for longtime in some cases, but in some cases, a little, you know, when you're going down, and you'll kind of really scrabbling, not getting anywhere. The moment I feel I've done a few months of damn. Just tipped and I'm on the way back up. So, so my next goal is to see if I can break seventeen thirty which is quite find, which is quite difficult. And. Yeah, quite fancy to attend k, which I haven't found yet. So all all in all Martin. These running is quite good fun in the moment, isn't that maybe we should find a ten K together? I know where this going. Yeah. Keep going hard, boom dixies basis. This is smacktalk is this not Chilcott genuine. You think we should do this, a ten case then? Yeah. I mean to be that's out. She pays into your hands. I think will the mind makes sense, doesn't it? Yeah. We should identify your ten over half to ten mine. Be from tastic lava ten mile of it is not many around this time. Yeah, let's have a little look at the calendars that share it with. All right. Let's hopelessness. If we do that, with a sif wing come up with a bit of a jointly plan to fit that in around you getting your hair cotton washed Dauphin and your stand up paddle boating. I'm sure we find it will either it will save some cake. Thank you to those listens. Put on patriot and pledge their support for this show. If you like what we do light support us, become a patron, check out this week's show notes for the link to a patriot page. Each week. This is sending voters with themselves. Fleshing stupid, cool math tool kit in exotic locations, all around the world. If you've got a picture, send it info, marathon, talk dot com, and then we can talk about how wonderful you look. John Laurens is kicking us off this week, a quick business trip. An overnight stop in New York, just time for run up and Dan sixth avenue around central park. The run long sixth avenue proved interesting volt, a lot of people dodging did see many other math tool run his ad that either, isn't it? Looking the combat picture math and talk -til. Nice one John, nice, one next Mike Houston, great bump into present him onto the expo expo this year's budget money, London marathon, he was in high demand, but still made time for brief chat sorry for the catastrophic Fran of a castle pays area star trot SaaS rock star strong truck with we've wanted not wearing his six point eighteen. That will let you all he is. Isn't he? Yeah, he is twelve. But there's a little bit of light brother from another mother there. She I was going to say that there is a seminar, itchy. There must be the infectious smile. The end of I've recently traveled to Africa to run my first out tra- the two in Cape Town, the race was fantastic. My perseverance and the results past my wall extremes. Today's report out chairs determined to do apart sit down shower. That's the one we like you've, you know, you've run really hard when you have to have a sit down and shower don't you, you gal from the toilet just crumpled in a heap in the shower. The Walters just fully in your head. You're like. Somebody killing get me, please. Find attacked a picture of me and baby blue on the course of the paternity botanical gardens, the gardens beautiful is great to talk with a friend of Nash is. Luckily that race. It's she's at saw at the Vanderberg. Yeah. Right. Trust the process measure t if you got one of these, I have cooled off super cool. I love them. And in fact, I took mine, too, my rights than pitcher sliced very comfortable. Mois like move. Each only comfort is the primary thing, the primary requirement for your leisure, trousers do where my comfort trousers, easy slide on shoes. Jimmy Johns, admi comfortable, top as very nice rushed cotton. And definitely definitely so, yes. As became kit on world on new trust the process measure, t designed exclusively frost by Sarah obvious success is now launch you can see a few pages on social media, and you can order, the t shirts online onto excess dot com and yeah there's different colors as well. What have you got a gray? I think I'll go same J, doc. It's nice look. Yes. What? Facebook Friday last week on the show. I used the word Baria Tom pick me up going down say, Baria negative Baria there isn't such a thing. So Facebook Friday this week said that's a barrier any, it's going for the big breaking part. Breaking two part two in October. If this week's Facebook Friday we wanna know which time and distance used to chasing Kyle hoops hundred miles of got the BQ fifty K, fifty miles and come raise one hundred is calling I try this August. Eek good luck hall. It's really difficult one next pool Whitmarsh times. Not really important to me to be honest. I leave that to the young speeches for me. It's more about embracing surroundings. Enjoy myself believe that you would leave anything. All I sell my Grammy for some full marathon. Always speak to somebody. This is lightly off. Topic, Holly, always speaking to a run of the other day doing Oltra, and they said to me. They just changed their diet, as well, Trish new, and they were going away from sugar in a way from cobb's galled. And they said I'd sell a lung for chocolate jested, right? Diets crazy half one. I'd sell along a Mary Pearson. Also breaking too. But for half the distance. Yeah. On point, Derek, George magic five minute mile even been looking bucket tones training block diary. Inspirations. Blimey. Next up, David Williams sub two-thirty marathon that befalls it napping sweet than the two thousand five at London light to you, as possible probably needs to happen, the next two and a half years before turned fifty. Oh, hang on. Case up teeth actually, isn't it? Yeah. He's same age as me. Hugh yet, Munson. Some two thirty fifty it'd be good. Next up Luciana Albrecht during my first hundred mile ocher, if I can get the start line, it'll be happy to finish like most, yes, though, I keep having serious doubts about it all, which apparently is normal having said that sub twenty four hours will be a dream. That would be dream semi self belief those Tom Kaine of confidence. Luck. Sandra Vando Finally, I want to get back into five hours, which requires taking more than an hour of gotten serious, and I'm working with a trainer losing weight and building up a proper training program for the first time in years. She says my running Mo-jo, Joe is back, oh, and I'm working on trusting the process. Good. Sandra,

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