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There's no sort of mysterious science to this. It really is just that number intimidates a lot of people and then once you hit it you kind of go. That was it. It's kind of like asking to girl to a dance in high school. It seems impossible. And then you do it and you go. Why was that so hard. That wasn't that hard. It's it's very very similar at least for me. So i want to sort of lift that burden off of the listeners or viewers shoulders right now and i want to concur because that's absolutely one of the biggest differences between people who get to the million and don't is changing their perception of who you are and perceiving yourself as a person who has a million dollars and that makes a big shift right there. What is a book that you'd like to recommend for all the entrepreneurs listening today. Sure i recommend extreme by jaakko willink. This is a really good book written by a navy seal. Who's a quite popular. Thought leader right now and it's about figuring out which parts of problems you can control so it's for example if somebody on your staff drops the ball on something yes. It's their fault but it's not only their fault. Maybe they shouldn't have been trusted with this and if you go. Why were you trusted with that. Oh well this person that trained me. They actually didn't teach me how to do. Xyz and you go okay. So it's their fault to but at the end of the line it's kind of like the buck stops with you. Just you accept responsibility but you look for the part. That is your responsibility. Even is tenuous as it might be even if it comes down to the only thing that that was my fault with. This was hiring this person. Well then that's the part of the equation that you can control in. This book is illustrated through a lot of war stories from his unit in iraq. And so it's really an interesting read and then on top of that you go okay in every failure. There's always some element of responsibility that comes to you and once you master that you can start to control you take control over problem looms instead of going. Well this idiot blewett. So it's not my fault and you can fix the actual problem instead of just complaining. Extreme ownership is the name of the book. Love that and again. We'll have that at conscious millionaire. Show dot com. you your. you're man. Who's always going to be climbing new summits. You're always going to be looking for something new..

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