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But at some point a banning of the race day medication Lasix, which is a huge controversy here in the United States. The United States will North America is the only place where Lasix is allowed and there are other regulations happening. Here's the question. Gary west, you have such a long view of how all of this works is one the deaths at the track really related to the other. The administering of Lasix on brace day. We'll be be breakdowns in in southern California. At Santa Anita reflected a breakdown of the entire industry. It's a stain on the sport. And certainly staying on on Santa Anita. But I think it's a very complex problem and needs to be analyzed when the twenty second horse had a catastrophic breakdown and was euthanized. I think her name was Princess be the strong leader. Belinda Stronach of the at group announced the the the ban of Lasix in and the ban of the whip. And and hurry ashen was driven. I think by panic and understandably vivid by panik, what we need is a reaction that is driven by science and data and take a reason to protest the banning of Lasix. I don't understand that at all. Because none of these injuries. At anything to do with Lasix could see limiting some anti inflammatory medication. And in fact, I think the thoroughbred owners of California have now reached an agreement with the Staunton group and basically banned for two year olds next year and the Lasix level of medications. Ten CC's will be have for the horse, and that's reasonable. But also there are a number of other pota- call changes that are going to employ such as trainers have to apply forty eight hours in advance work Hortus in the morning. And I think these horses will be examined in terms of the medication. They've us in terms of workout patterns. And of course, the racing surface is the the one commonality everyone's looking at perhaps, you know, it never rains in southern California was the assumption. But it doesn't mean in southern California and this past few months, rain, a great deal. Thirteen inches or more on Santa Anita and branch this surface can't handle that much rain on those days just need to cancel racing. That would be an approach. I think many people would welcome. But it's up to the entire industry to look at this and to accept responsibility. It's not just saying Nita. It's not just the the race track owners. It's also the horse owners trainers and even fans and the betting public who make the man's on these forces who are incredible creatures that define themselves. Discover themselves.

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