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Com for more information. Let's head over to Charlie palette. He's standing by in the Bloomberg newsroom, Charlie, we got a little over what, ten minutes to go into the close today. 13 minutes, Tim hub with the Dow, the S&P NASDAQ were all off session lows right now, but red on the screen with the S&P down 9 tenths of 1% after the loretto master interview we have got the ten year yielding 3.47%, the two year 4.18%. Cleveland fed president Loretta mester, telling our Michael McKee her estimate for interest rates is higher than that of her colleagues on the Central Bank needs sustained type policy to defeat inflation, master interviewed moments ago right here on Bloomberg radio. The level of inflation is still way too high. You know, 7.1 on the CPI 6% on the PC measured year over year. That's well above our goal. And so that's why we have to continue using our tools to get inflation on that sustainable downward path. And again, ten year yielding 3.48% gold up $17 now 1794 up by 1% and West Texas intermediate crew down 2.4%, 74 26 a barrel. So it is a down day on Wall Street looking for a second weekly week of losses for stocks, third down day in a row recapping S&P now down by 9 tenths of 1%. I'm Charlie peloton. That is a Bloomberg business flash. A turn on the radio. Yeah, but you let me drive

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