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It's the moment you were with Holly She Yes. Ali Jordan, Tiger, Kobe Phelps Tyson, LeBron Brady and the stories you've never heard talking to. Goats is available in bookstores now and talking to goats. Not upon talking to sheep is not written to our knowledge. Something she counted shaped is something you can try. If you're having trouble sleeping, too 05 or just listen us to our five remaining in the first quarter seven. Nothing lead for the Saints Bear. Turn it over on downs. And now New Orleans starts throwing 32 yards just real quickly Way talked about players who are out Darnell Mooney, the rookie receiver from Tulane 61 receptors during the regular season. Jovon wins six receptions. He's filling in that role. He had a good catch on that play on the sideline and then dropped the ball. In the end. You look back on that dropped touchdown that could be costly. As Taysom Hill will start a quarterback on this drive for the New Orleans Saints. They started their own 32 yard line. Lotion coming across from the tight end. Josh feel from right to left Bill out of the shot. Then we'll take it and try to run over the left side. Got a great block in 35 hell out of bounds across the 40 and down at the 42 yard line. It will be a first down. At a huge block on the edge. I believe it was Michael Burton, the fullback who got a piece of somebody else. No, he got a piece of Manti Te'o, and it was a pancake block where tale ended up on his back. It was such a good block. I expected to see a flag for holding because he just went straight and pushed him right on his back. 10 yard pick up for tasting Hill First down and 10 on now Drew Brees back under center literally under center backs off set behind him and on first down breeze to throat pressure. Coming late throws it short. Burton will catch the fullback of the 45 getting rewarded for that block as he makes the catch and takes it up the left sideline to the 40 yard Line, six yard pick up on the play for Michael Burton, who missed last week. Colbert Protocols came back this week and not always provided the big clock makes the catch there before Danny privation could bring him down. You know, when you can spread the ball to so many players, I liken it to the fact that Sean Payton is like the mom driving them anything. There's a snack for everybody and all those eight extra seats in that minivan. Second down and four at the 48 2 receivers to the right. Single wide left Breeze tries to swing it out of the backfield, bounced it to Deante Harris. That'll be ruled an incomplete pass. He saw some pressure coming and had just spike that went into the church. Well, he looked left and then the timing was off a little bit to come back to the right. And if he throws it, and it's complete, you might have had some linemen down the field. So to Greece has one of those microprocessors in his head. He he can process all the stuff that's going on. Everybody else realizes after the plane, they go. That's a good decision. Oh, I didn't see that till right now. 34 48 yard line Camaro is gonna motion out to the right now. Camaro will come from right and to the left of Drew Brees in the back field on third and four movement up front. You know what? That I think that was Drew Brees. He was shaking and moving his hands a little bit. Won't get a called third offense number 51. I've heard penalty remains third down. We're not gonna pin it on the future Hall of Famer. You spend it on the roof and sees over Wease right now, right guard. But back it up now third and four becomes third and nine states been good on third down today, three for four so far, and what's interesting about that is in the Bears game in in November. They were terrible. On third down. There were two of 13 and their overtime when it's soldier field November 1st. Burned down and nine at the 43 yard line. Single receiver to the right too wide to the left Camaro in the back through it to the left of breeze crouched over gets the shotgun snap back pedals on the left hash fires over the left side. It is caught, it's Harris again and Deante Harris. With his fourth catch of this first quarter, down to the 40 Yard line of Chicago and.

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