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How food's taste to. Why are breath can smell so bad. Why the beef. From grass fed cows tastes different from that of cows fed grain. And why sweaty feet can smell kinda cheesy later. Maureen corrigan reviews a true crime story about the murder of a harvard graduate student. The election is over but with republicans questioning the results in control of the senate still up in the air so much of the political world is yet to be settled. Keep up with the latest every day on the npr politics podcast. My guest megan re piano is an icon as a champion soccer player and doesn't activist last year after the. Us national women's soccer team won their fourth world cup. She was awarded the golden boot for top scorer. And the golden ball. For the tournament's best player she's been co captain of the team since two thousand eighteen repea- no also helped her team win a gold medal at the two thousand twelve olympics for a while she was practically the only openly gay player on the us women's national team which put her in the spotlight as an lgbtq activist. she's fought for equal pay in women's soccer and was part of a lawsuit against the us. Soccer federation this past spring. A federal judge dismissed the teams claim. But the team plans to file an appeal in two thousand sixteen a week after colin kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem. Repeat took a knee in support and face the consequences now. She's written a new memoir called one life. She recently announced her engagement to sue bird. A champion player in the wnba megan repeal. Welcome to fresh air. And congratulations on your engagement. How much things changed since you first came out like nearly ten years ago. Yeah that's an interesting question. Thank you for the for the congratulations of course I think in in so many ways you know we're we're further along and we're in a better place and in so many ways we're sort of exactly where we were. Obviously this administration is Current administration's posing a threat to that In their sort of legislation values and the direction they want to go. It's always a balance for me. I've i've find that while it feels like we're so much further you know the fact that you know. Lgbtq people have only been allowed to marry in this country for five years that sort of stands in stark opposition to it. So on the one hand. I feel like it were. We're going in the right direction and on the other hand. I think we have a lot of work left to do Because of covid the olympics have been postponed. The world cup has been canceled. How disappointing that for you like. What does that mean in terms of of your career. Well it really through a pretty pretty big variable in there especially being an athlete not really on the younger side of things And so i think by the time the olympics were actually postponed or the announcement was made..

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