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Great, and, you know, always instilled the the value of having a superstar on the team, and what that would bring and certainly one of the big free agent signings. You know in NBA history was one Shaquille O'Neal decided to join the Lakers back in nineteen Ninety-six. We're gonna talk about that summer later because that was that was a pivotal pivotal summer. How much LeBron one on one time? Have you had gotten his? Not much, you know. But I you know, he is he just watching him practice. Having him part of the organization he brings so much. I'd forgotten what it was like to to have the most relevant player. The most exciting players successful player. You know, be on our team. And it's, you know, brought attention. It's brought your games are like, it's a circus. There's so much media. It's incredible. You know, some people can look at a circus as a negative. But it's it's not it's not chaotic like annoyed. I guess I guess I meant it somewhere in between like I'm I I don't like to jostle I'm not adjust. So I don't wanna jostle so give it a nice clippers game when there's like a third of the media crowd. Well, I mean, that's you know, in terms of what what the Lakers are about. We were used to. We we were used to. That we've gotten away from it. And now, it's it's nice it it brings back a lot of good positive memories. You mentioned identity and how it's hard to get one. When you the coach x amount of times. Obviously there has been almost nonstop since you signed the Brian speculation about Luke's job security, Luke Walton job security, and there was a piece this is very weak in the athletic, even saying, you know, there will come at this is when you know, the young guys had lost a bunch of games at a row without the Braun. There will come a time or there could come a time. And maybe soon where you know, magic said this thing where it's gonna take something drastic for Luke to not be coach for the rest of the season is this drastic, and blah, blah. And then will there come a time? When you know, we know who the hammer is the hammer is genie Jean-Luc have been very good relationship. I know you respect Lucas a coach so speak to that. Is he safe no matter what for the year? What is your view or does? Magic just have carte blanche. Will you just find out about it? When magic tells you have made a decision. Well, I, you know, I think the reason why the Lakers are doing. So well is that we have someone with the basketball vision? And that's Magic Johnson. He along with rob Pelinka are running our basketball program. Now, I can tell you right now that everyone magic rob myself, everyone in the organization is behind Luke. There's nothing more important urban to to magic than. Besides his family than this Laker team. And we are doing everything we can to make sure that Luke is successful his job. That's our job. And I think he's doing a terrific job. And given the injuries that we've had it's a challenge and people forget like he's he's had two of our starters taken away from him..

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