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Welcome welcome welcome to armchair expert I'm DAX Shepard I'm joined by Monica Mouse Hello. Hiller, David Franko Guys Day. Franco's here. Dave Franco is an actor writer. Producer and director and I would argue has acutest mile. I've ever looked at in real life. It's disarming. His. He could be murdering you and you would be absolutely charmed by the whole experience I think it's true I hope it to get murdered by him. Listen to this episode. Please murder me. You have an invitation to murder. You know him from the disaster artist. Now you see me neighbors the little hours if beale street could talk, and he has written and directed a movie starring his beautiful bride Allison, Brie called the rental which is out now, so please find the rental. It is a very tasty premise, so please enjoy Dave Franco. Warranty are supported by REMBERT UMBRELLA MIA Miandi. Mariano. Meoni's just wants everyone to feel comfy. Heck with the freedom to express themselves. That's why they make the world's softest unease. Classic colors in Fun Prints Dino's and surfboards wearing surfboards right now you are I am their white with really cute colorful surfboards. Is Your undead drawer, something to be proud of or a little embarrassed. By how much more fun would it be to get dressed every day? If you knew you got to pick from a drawer, full of fun and adorable under prints like Orcas, Bees or cherries, I need orcas. That's my favorite animal. BND's is serious about softness like serious. They scoured the world for the softest fabric known to man it all starts with sustainably sourced beechwood trees that magically turn from pulp to young to undies undies that feel like.

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