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So you jump off. Mr fixing. Tyrone. Do you wanna take the great shows of biz talk radio wherever you go. Well now you can with the new biztalkradio app for iphone and Android devices. Now, all the great shows of biz talk radio are with you wherever you go. Just an arm's reach away on your smartphone. Download today at the app store or the Google poi- store and get the brand new biz talk radio app. It's biz for you wherever you go with the new biz talk radio app, you know, when you have about a billion things to do today. And then you realize you're out of whatever it is that you really need next day shipping isn't gonna cut it because you really need it in like an hour. Yeah. That's when you turn to Office Depot officemax. What you need online at Office Depot dot com or on our app and pick it up in store for free and just one hour. So you can get back to whatever else it licking on your to do list. And now save big at the bites. You get one free event. That's you get one free at Office Depot officemax. Offer expires February nine twenty nineteen. If you're suffering from hearing loss, stay tuned for a special offer from the makers of listenclear. A revolutionary hearing aid breakthrough designed by top audio engineers to figure ear almost invisibly. Right now, you can try listenclear hearing aids absolutely free for forty five days. You can also qualify for free shipping and free batteries for life. Listenclear hearing aids are so lightweight and comfortable you can wear them all day long. They're practically invisible too. So others won't even notice you're wearing them. And the best part is you'll be able to hear.

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