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You have to have short term memory loss of all the bad stuff and you gotta keep on An end but the thing is was unique about me is there are a lot of guys. Who are you know. Writer director people. It's it's hard to find a writer director guy who knows more about the technical end of cinema and that sorta that's was able to separate myself and really you know and be able to make high quality content and be able to teach others is because i just wanted to learn all filmmaking like so you want to be a director you know it's not just open learn how to write and direct in like think scenes and all that i ll word every part of the process. Another part is like never thinking. You're above learning something never thinking you know so i wanted to learn. How do they do audio. I wanted to learn. What kind of lights are they using. Not even how do i light something. What kind of lights are they using. That was impossible to figure out. You know five years ago because there wasn't like a million youtube videos on it you know how they are not five years say more like seven years ago but there is a million i was trying to light stands. Do they use. What's the real stuff. How do we get over headlights. What's a speed rail. What's you know you know. What our sandbags for apple box. How do we get a camera. Angled low how to. How do they get the camera to move so smoothly. How do they How do they make that. That live right here. Some of them might ask. How does he get the light to look like that. You know like just just all this stuff and a lot of it is it's kind of like mock apprenticeship where I got to knowing how to find the information yourself. I'd say that's another big skill but in terms of what i'm trying to figure out i don't know like it's it's it's been such a grind and you start you know so many people tell you you're ready you're ready over and over and over again to the point where it's like you know. I know there's still a lot. I don't know but it's it's trying to get to that level in two thousand sixteen all i knew how to do maybe shoot with dsl. Lar- use a couple led lights kinda kinda. Okay kinda lame. It wasn't so great..

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