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Yeah. I'm just freaked out. No sir. No, absolutely not. When I was 8 years old, I don't know anybody. Prosecutors charged Baldwin with multiple counts of reckless driving in criminal damage to government property. A judge issued Baldwin a $40,000 bond in a court hearing last week. He's due in court next month. Nearly 200 dogs were rescued from a dangerous and filthy hoarding home in western Illinois, almost all the dogs are border collies and officials say they were left in fecal matter and many of the dogs were very skinny from malnutrition. Rescue crews spent three days getting the dogs out, 59 year old Karen plambeck was arrested on three counts of aggravated animal cruelty. Court document shows she was previously charged with animal cruelty in 2019, neighbor Stephen foster says the dog situation has been a problem for several years, but they didn't know how bad it really was. When I heard there was 200, I mean, I fell out of my ranger. I'm like, I knew there was a lot of dogs, but I didn't know there was that many. Mercer county animal control officers are trying to find homes for the dogs and are accepting donations to care for them. The pritzkers once again engaged in a bidding war at the Illinois state fair sale of champions. The grand champion steer went to First Lady MK pritzker, who, like in years past, got into a bidding war with the governor, the winning bid was $105,000, tying last year's record bid. Also, by the First Lady, governor pritzker says the young exhibitors are the future of the state's most important industry, agriculture. And they have dedicated their young lives to this work, getting up at three or 4 a.m. to feed the cattle to going up, he ever changing whims of the weather to raise the finest livestock in Illinois. The steer was shown by Ashton geyer of Richmond, Illinois. It will be donated to the central Illinois food bank. And President Biden signed the inflation reduction act into law. He said he intends to show Americans that democracy still works with this bill. The measure includes money to fight climate change, a $2000 cap for out of pocket prescription drug costs for Medicare recipients and a new corporate minimum tax. And now WGN sports. The White Sox complete the comeback for a second straight night, four three over the Astros, Johan monado, the go ahead single in the 8th inning, both games. The cubs outlast the national 7 5 in 11 innings from D.C., the bears had a Seattle. To face the Seahawks tomorrow nights, roquan Smith will travel, but he still is not practicing. Tevin Jenkins will start at right guard and rookie center Doug Kramer goes on injured reserve with a lower leg injury. The Chicago sky hosts the New York liberty for game one of their best of three first round playoff series later tonight at win trust. Josh Friedman WGN sports. The forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center. We're dry for the rest of the work week, but a chance for showers in time for the air and water show this upcoming weekend. We'll see how high temperature in the low 80s for Wednesday and Thursday mostly sunny skies there. Clouds will increase maybe some showers and thunderstorms to complete the day on Friday, Friday's high temperature will be 83. Saturday and Sunday highs will be right around 80 with a good chance for showers and storms. The Rain is going to be likely on Saturday, possible on Sunday. From the WGN weather center, a meteorologist Demetrius ivory. 65° at O'Hare 69 by

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