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By Nottingham Forest to nil, a Liverpool advances on penalties over Darby county with West Ham being knocked out by Blackburn on penalties. The United States men's national team coach Greg berhalter hasn't built the 26 man roster in the upcoming World Cup with the usual big names included, such as Christian Pulisic, western mckenney, giovanna, and sergino dest are the biggest name left off the roster of Manchester City goalkeeper Zack Stefan, who is currently on loan at Middlesbrough. The roster is the second youngest at the U.S. has ever fielded for a World Cup with an average 826 years old. The U.S. plays its opener versus Wales on November 21st. South Korea captain sun hyung min says he will be ready to play in his country's World Cup opener on November 24th against Uruguay after the Tottenham star sustained a fracture around his left eye last week. Son has scored 35 goals in a 104 appearances while representing his home country. Finally, the Brooklyn Nets have taken the interim tag off of coach Jacques mon, the 47 year old signing a deal through next year to be the head coach. Vaughn has led Brooklyn to a two and two records since taken over for Steve Nash on November 1st. The nets were thought to be targeting suspended southeast coach email don't get to replace Nash, a fact off to the controversies already surrounding the team. On the schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op made. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Just a little bit of a risk aversion across the apac region in equity trading. We do, however, have the equity market in Tokyo down quite a bit with an EK weaker by about 9 tenths of 1%, energy stocks leading this decline, crude oil in the New York session drop below $86 the barrel after the U.S. government reported a build in U.S. inventories. There's also a lot of concern in the market. Where demand in China is concerned particularly given the fact that we have seen COVID cases now rising again in places like Beijing, WTI right now, is at 85 60 in the electronic session. So we're down another three tenths of 1%. The energy group within the knee K is weaker by more than two and a half percent. Again, the nikkei down about 9 tenths of 1% install the Cosby off just a tenth of 1%, and in Sydney, we've got the ASX 200 down about two tenths of 1%. US Treasury yields very little changed right now. We dropped in New York trading given the fact that we seem to have a round of haven buying in U.S. treasuries given the fact that there was a meltdown in crypto assets again today, the ten year right now 4.08% a two year at four 58. Maybe this is a risky trade, particularly given the fact that we do have that CPI data in the U.S. tomorrow 8 30 a.m. Wall Street time. The dollar showing some weakness the yen is stronger, one 46 20, and I will take another look at markets in 15 minutes. Head Baxter joins us for a look at global news headlines, Eddie. All right, Douglas, thank

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