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It'd be like, if. If you regulate most says he Josh window, how you talk, you kinda sound country. Maybe like he's from Florida and you live in Nashville, but we, we wanna polish up and present this. It'd be uncomfortable for you. It wouldn't be real, wouldn't be organic and you're trying to be somebody that you're not you're best being who and what you are that's country to bone. So when you take somebody or a group of writers in trying to ride all these promo rollies talents and his all coming from the same place, do you, you've got to snuck in that dude's bad or Ben in his shoes of bene-. Nakao with him are getting a couple of not down, drag out fights with them to be able to write for that person as a character. So sometimes I think that's a big part of that is lost and you're trying to make something fit into a box. They don't belong. So let them come out at box and let them be whatever the hell a are. And that's the only reason I made it to the top. I think you were talking about it with on that Booker fill in from St.. You know to stone cold just or the ringmaster, whatever you know. And like I've always heard that cliche like this Unix are just, you know, your regular personality turned up in or whatever. So, and that's the way it is for me. You know, I I try to put on a show so on stage. But at the end of the day, like I'd rather just bullshit with the audience between songs and like they some script. I was reading some your background stuff. And I know when when he was a kid, he asked for federal at three and I think you've gotten the fiddle when you were eight, and then you were basically playing with adults at the age of twelve. I never met a three year old that wanted fennel. How in the hell did you wanna finish it? What was it three then? I don't know that my mom and I laugh about that the day, you know it really. There's no explanations that because my parents didn't listen to country music. My mom listened to, you know, like. Oldies radio, and my dad was the sole radio, and I grew up with Neil diamond and Otis Redding, you know. So. Where I knew what specifically I asked for now violin. Where why would a fiddle I'm on the a- than they just sort of, you know, free the, I don't think they took it very seriously, but once again, when I was eight, I think that figuring out that I, I'm minute, you know, when you started learn to put out you to classical instruction. Yeah, I started out taking school lessons. Just learn how to do it. You know Is that. that. Is the best way to learn how to do it proper and well, my little violence easier knew that I wanted to play fiddle so she would. God bless her. She was teach yourself these Middleton's and then each and to me after you know, we do the classical thing and then I get to learn Littleton. She really helped me out there. And then then I just started once I was able to just started teaching muscle on a do little stuff. I think I needed that classical instruction for the discipline and the the stuff. Yeah, man image just my you need a base. Same thing with the wrestling deal. You need a base and then you then you can kinda grow from there. But if you parents listen to Neil diamond and stuff like that, you know what kind of country music did you cut your teeth on that were definite influences on you?.

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