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In the case of a Colorado man accused of killing his fiancee Patrick phrasing is on trial for the murder of Kelsey Berit the mother of his child during the final days of testimony it was revealed that crazy trying to get the state's star witness his former lover killed thinking to evidence they presented and some of the testimony we've heard has been almost a bomb shell in this rural Colorado town KKTV reporter Ashley Franco has listened to every detail and Patrick freezes murder trial the prosecution believes Patrick for easy is a cold calculated manipulative murder a fellow prisoner became a surprise witness when he testified that he received sixteen notes from crazy with instructions to use his prison gang connections to have several of the witnesses testifying against phrase he killed including Barrett's mother people who testified against Patrick crazy in the trial lot of St more on that hit list the list also included the prosecution's star witness and crazy secret girlfriend Idaho nurse crystal Lee weed testified that phrase he told her he beat his fiance to death with a baseball bat on thanksgiving day after the murder Lee says freezy colder in said she had a mess to clean up we claim she drove from Idaho to Colorado and cleaned up the crime scene she said that she did what she did for Patrick crazy because she loved him parents remains have never been found neither has a murder with investigators say a phrase he's a motive was custody of the couple's now two year old daughter with the evidence had been presented with the testimony they've been presented especially with the last witness on the prosecution side I think a lot of us are thinking a day or two until we have a verdict until we have a verdict Patrick freezy faces life in prison if convicted in exchange for her testimony Lee agreed to plead guilty to evidence tampering she'll be sentenced after freezes.

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