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Every? Four slavery. How can we still support that matthew? Kinloss was meeting friends at a nearby restaurant. He also agrees with the new policy. People can put it on their cars and everything like that. There's freedom of speech I've spent the NASCAR. Drivers are split on the flag drive. A Racist Rally said hilly the sport while Bubba Wallace praised the decision for NPR news I'm Danielle Prior in Orlando. You're listening to NPR news. Video conferencing platform zoom says it plans to develop technology to allow the company to block participants on video calls based on geography. From Beijing NPR's emily. Fang reports at the move comes amid criticism of the decision to suspend the accounts of three activists. Holding zoom calls to commemorate victims of the TNN Square massacre. US activists one then Jovan saw and Hong Kong activists Lee Chucky, and had resume accounts shut down because they hosted large online meetings to discuss China's nineteen eighty-nine crackdown on peaceful protesters. In Beijing, the accounts have been reinstated. Zoom says the Chinese government requested four meetings about the nineteen eighty-nine massacre. Be Shutdown Zoom. Zoom decided to block. Three of the meetings were there were some participants calling in from China following the public backlash soon says it will work to only block people based on country which could help the company meet Chinese government requests. It is unclear how the company will determine locations only thing NPR news Beijing. China has reported seven new corona virus cases including the first instance of local transmission. In Beijing in weeks. Authorities say the other six cases were transmitted by citizens arriving from abroad. No new deaths were reported there in the US there are more than two million, two hundred cope at thousand nineteen cases with nearly one hundred forty four thousand deaths from the disease. In pre market trading US futures are higher. After the worst single day losses since March on the Asian markets shares are lower this hour. I'm Shay Stevens? This is NPR news..

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