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Talk out too much because guess what they're gonna they're gonna give me saying something that that then they go twisted into some and they're going to use it a sound bites on my opponents commercial i'ma lose my lose my place you know if you can't do something heroic with your position in government get outta government put somebody who's got the stones to do it that's what i think anyway i could be wrong i'm not but also i could be wrong desai sound humble so here's the truth about the bill according to according to a nonpartisan tax policy center which on this on this tax reform which may or may not have any have any weight on it but says in two thousand eighteen households earning forty nine thousand eighty six thousand we'll see an average of nine hundred thirty bucks does it what does that mean to you if you earn between forty nine eighty six thousand will you see an average tesco 9 and 3 but i don't know maybe a will maybe want households earning eighty six two hundred forty nine we'll see an average tax cut of just overrating hundred bucks well that happened to you earn between eighty six one for him i don't know maybe it will maybe on depends on what you show your taxes i think the biggest tax reform we should do is turn to a national national a sales tax and get rid of the irs because then nobody can cheat and i can tell you as a as a mortgage lender twenty nine years in the business that a people cheat if you could do something that made everybody pace something based on how they spend and this get rid of the irs everybody take on the whole paycheck but you pay fifteen percent at the when you buy something on on a pay fifteen percent when i buy something me how well if your paycheck is the whole paycheck instead of half of it you probably will be okay with that and then the guy that's that's begging on the freeway offramp hoops probably raking in seventy thousand dollars year taxfree even he has to pay or wash should here paid is now have a job.

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