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If there's an injury, which is like, totally confirming, the report will not confirm it or just the Mets. But baseball is one of these weird places where the general manager, we would agree has more power and important then the manager. And yet it somehow frowned upon that the general manager the. The boss who can fire, you would tell the manager, what to do like as if the manager as Mickey Callaway as if mother bleeper, spewing. Mickey Callaway has earned the right to not listen to his bosses. Well, let's you said he's a second year manager of little accomplishment. If you're talking about a fifteen year manager who's won a couple of championships. The that's a whole different situation who's taking the lead from a former sports agent who's now running a team. That's correct. I don't think that has to do with a lack of respect to because I mean, this guy's coming from the agency world. So I imagine it does something to their dynamic. I don't know what the hell's going on there. But I love the fact that used to be tempting bows, agent because, you know, it's a point he just going to call them up. And now apparently he's making you know he's calling the shots. So he's going to tell them, you gotta play Tibo everyday. Mike. Can you just play the sound of Mickey Callaway returning to apologize because this is the guy who's using mother bleeper and then not apologizing well enough? And I don't know if somebody what, what did Brodie van wagon and send him back down to apologize, again the initial apology, wasn't even an apology. Just him stating facts like Billy Morton wants punched the guys. I didn't punch any should've seen what it was like in lebatardshow bloated two thousand back way back in the free wheeling days of two thousand seven this was commonplace. Just real quick. You know, I understand that get some feedback that, you know, I wanted you to know that in my, my meeting, Tim, I apologize for my reaction. I regret it. I regret the, you know the distraction. It's calls to the team like I said earlier, something that will learn from, it's something I'm not proud of. I'm not proud of the distraction. I'm not proud of what I did the temp for that. I'm definitely sorry, such a constipated apology. That is absolutely someone who's apologizing for reaction and not an action. I like the start of it was got some feedback. I gotcha. I got some feedback, and I've reevaluated this, but you understand the concept of, of feeding middle managers, this kind of power in a way that they would object to someone like their boss Brody van wagon to tell them, what to do Jason Vargas. His opponent. He was laying. Dan school. Greg, Cody on the ESPN radio..

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