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Not because the lions were not playing enough because they lost on Thanksgiving Day to the bears. But it was a sad weekend because the NFL lost one of its its most shining stars the owner of the Houston Texans a man named Bob McNair. Now, why are we paying so much attention to this here on WJR in Detroit? He's had nothing to do with the lions or anything else he Houston Texans. But Bob McNair was one of the biggest hearted men in the NFL and in the business world and the education world and in our country. In fact, he was the man who met with Dr Tim Nash, Northwood University and decided to open up the McNair center for advancement of free enterprise at northwood in the middle of Michigan. Dr Tim Nash, the senior vice president director of that McNair center is on the other end of our line this morning. Good morning to you and my condolences on the loss of your dear. Your friend, Bob McNair. Well, Dr back men, so it's a pleasure to talk with you. And in you, only you can Lawton individual at a level. He deserves by one of this country's great human beings. I know he he enjoyed the times on your show and thought very highly of you and in your program, while they're very kind of you to say I could never match what he did. However, you look back in in two thousand and two he's the man who brought football back to Houston when he outbid Los Angeles for the NFL's thirty second franchise, and he's made that a very very competitive team. But his influence in the community goes beyond just owning the Houston Texans. You look at when hurricane Harvey hit Houston. We remember that in two thousand seventeen when the rains fell for days and days and days and days seemed, but it's never gonna stop. There was horrible horrible loss of of individual goods. He donated three million dollars to the United way of greater Houston. And for the relief efforts and is fourth exhibition game was moved to Arlington and then canceled. Limit narrow family made another donation equal to the money that would have been generated from ticket sales to address the immediate needs of those impacted by the flooding and devastation, and you look at those and you just go man what a what a guy, but he went even further than that. I wait till you hear the story my friends that Dr Tim Nash has to tell about what Bob McNair did after that horrible shooting at the black church in South Carolina where that young gunman. White gunman went in and killed. I think it was nine people at the time and Bob McNair took note of that it was in South Carolina. But he took note of it in Houston, and Tim Nash. What did he do? Well, you know, Frank, Bob. A son of North Carolina. He attended the university of South Carolina and. Adapted that home state and his wife Janet's is home state, and it's just been near and dear to Bob for a long time. But unbeknownst to anybody he literally called up the pastor of the church and didn't want any publicity, and he paid for all the funerals of those victims. And then you took him he and themselves and his bride and players that played at Clemson, South Carolina that are on the Texans. They all went down after the tragedy and met with the pastor and some of the victims families, and you know, and that's just kinda guy Babol has always been he's he's a standup human being that literally loved people. Bob never saw colored never saw the never saw income levels. You always just song human beings as people that had great potential, and he tried to help people improve themselves and communities anytime you had a chance. Well, and that far overshadows the little bit of controversy that he he brought in when he said about the players kneeling for the national anthem. He said the inmates are running the asylum basically and everybody took offense at that. But you look at the bigger picture. Okay. He was he was trying to be illustrative there and nothing more. But this is this is one of the great men as I said, even big for education, and we talked at the time when he made the donation to Northwood University, and when we had him on the air with you, Dr dash about the commitment that he made let's talk about that in some detail about the McNair center. Well, you bet. Person that I've known for for more than thirty years. Yeah. I joke around. I I I knew Bob when he was just a millionaire, but. You just plugging the electrical plugs into the socket and not only in the company. Yeah. Yeah. You know, he was on the board of a little foundation called the free Enterprise Institute in Houston, Texas, and I was privileged to to speak their to high school. Teachers every summer when they did an annual seminar for high school teachers, and so I've known Bob for a long time. And then as you know, our president keeps pretty played a year for the Green Bay Packers. And. That's a great passion for athletics. And the two of us have a great passion for free enterprise. And so we we started to go down to some of the Texas games. And and Bob always welcomed the preseason the Nashes in a warm way. And as the Janice and. And. We started having conversations about how we need it. A think tank in Michigan that? Would promote studies that will help improve the state and help improve the country and after a couple of years though. In fact, we were at a game in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a night game. And. And we were leaving the box the Texans had one and Bob told us that he would be sending us five million dollars to start the McNair center for the advancement of free enterprise and entrepreneurship, and and we began the the center in the fall of twenty fifteen and that volume was actually on your show for the first time. Well, it was and we're going to relive part of that discussion with Bob McNair when we come back after the break here on the Frank Beckmann. 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