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The free iheartradio app. Nicole weisensee Egan is the author of a new book coming up about the Cosby case, which doesn't drop for a little while yet right once the actual release date, April twenty third the book is called chasing. Cosby the downfall of America's dad, but we're talking about the article that came out yesterday in the Daily Beast, and Nikki was talking about that. She still follows this case since she was first introduced to it. Almost skeptically back in two thousand and eight and has since then Brad. Amongst in the league group of people who have been following the story and trying to make heads or tails out of it since then. The update that you have on the Daily Beast was interesting because as you point out, there's a a really well documented case of another close call it would seem from two thousand and sixteen can you tell us the story of Dakota James? Oh, right. So it's a close call that threw me for a second. Yes. So this this was telling when I when I talked to this woman so about five weeks before Dakota James vanished when he has a close friend named Shelley. And she had texted him. See if he was gonna come out, and he calls her it's like eleven thirty seven fifty tonight. And he's like, Shelly, I'm cold. I don't know where I am healthy helped me come get me. Come got me. And she's like, oh my God. Of course. I'm you know, I'm on my way, where are you in? He said, it's Burg's. I think he said northside northside. And then she said, so she's like all right on my way. But then she had they had enabled location services on the phone, which I didn't even know about. We use them all the time to keep track of our kids. There you go kids. So so yes, she actually sees on the opposite side of the city. And she and meanwhile, she's getting all these texts and she sent me screen shots of the tax. And it's like Shelley helped me I'm cold healthy. And he was crying and sobbing by the way when he called her to. And so she finally finds him he's outside he's coming out of the Springhill suites. He told him to go in there into the hotel. And she's pulling up there's this stark vehicle their parks the wrong way Parkway, and he's heading right toward it, and she hollers out his name, and he any Caesar and then he comes over to her. And he tells her, you know, she's like tells you and like I don't we did not remember the last four hours of his night. The last thing he remembered he was at a work party was co workers they went out to a bar last thing I remember was about seven fifteen and the rest of the nicer blank. And then he's wandering around the downstream to Pittsburgh. He didn't know where he was what had happened leave is freezing cold. Old which is interesting because I've been reading a lot about TV H. And that is one of the things I think can do heat you up so much apparently. So then. You don't have a code honor like the differential between the GP h what it does to your body temperature and the surrounding air freezing cold. And so then she said she wanted to take him to the hospital. She thought she's thinking was he drugged was. He did some really I call. She's thinking was was an accident was eaten up like he was hysterical. So he didn't want to go to the hospital and she took him home. And the next day. He just was sort of like, you know, we kind of brushed it off. And you know, she would have to, but then he disappeared after a similar co-workers five weeks later, and that's the tragedy of so then it really does feel like it's not just a crime of opportunity, but that somebody had targeted him or I mean, it's incredible coincidence that he would be taken at random words followed at random, but that somebody was watching for him and catching him at that kind of moment. Yeah. Either that was an attempt that night, and it sailed and managed to get loose or it was just stocking hammer or something, I don't know. I mean, but then he did he did vanish. And you know, if you watch those security, you know, and of course, the cop while he was drunk. He went to the river. Right. Because of course, that's what you do you walk down. Stairs to adopt could. But the.

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