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J. the giants lost to the broncos daniel jones with another turnover. It's so predictable. I'm watching it with pemex. I say it out loud here comes the turnover you know it's coming. Jones has four turnovers in eighteen. Fumbles lost since entering league in two thousand nineteen both are the most in the nfl over that span. Your biggest overreaction to our beloved new york football giants loss. Fm myself yesterday on the cows drinking more delo wondering how. How would our team if we brought pat shurmur back. I'm just watching him. Die our defense. So oh yeah he was. Oc dyson deepens left. and right. and then. I'm watching daniel jones. I'm i'm thinking. Because obviously i got wilner my head and we're talking about the jets and we're talking about sam darnold or we're talking about zack. Wilson and i'm sitting there saying man. Is this going to be the same scenario with the jets is happening with daniel jones. We watching the same exact playbook happen like the offense is limited due to his turnover prone capabilities to a degree. It doesn't feel like jason garrett's playbook is that creative offensively. We've a bad offensive line. It just seems like we're going down the road. The same thing is going to happen. That's happened with the jets. I'm gonna end up watching daniel jones on another team somewhere else. One day with a better offensive system in place. I'm going to watch him shine. That's how i felt yesterday. At least jason geared smart ivy league. I listened that play calling key. It's the most obvious offense. It's creating what's coming from the couch the worse thank you. It's worse here's my overreaction. And this is before the draft. I have now seen enough daniel jones. I know how you feel about this. And you like. I think he has a chance under the right circumstances to maybe be a solid. Nfl quarterback a good quarterback. But we're in year. What is it now. Three year for daniel jones. It's fine max. Ohi wanted just fields. Just feel i want like. Should the giants be looking for a quarterback. If i'm not saying you reach for one and try and try and invent one. If he's not there. I think drew walk could be no. I'm talking about ucla dude where you think that dude's a baller go get him because i don't think he says it. Here's what they should do. Buttercup here's what he's talking to you jay if if he was looking at you about if if they have some reservation on data jones what you then go and do is you. Go get a you. Don't go to draft another guy. You don't do that. What you get is a throw away that get jameis winston in india reclamation project exactly. But i'm trying. I was trying to take somebody out there. That's like going gives you have to wait for them to show up just could you. I was going to say. Like jared. Goff tyrod taylor. If shawn watson were to somehow get back on the field for or yeah but he made it a little longer into you going get you a marcus mariota or ryan donahue replace marcus mariota right in. That's what a guy who was once thought a lot of who showed some promise. I couldn't get the consistency out there. That's left like that in talking about the hot seat. The hot seats already been replaced right. We gotta wait for the seats to heat up again. We gotta wait to see who might be available quarterback cam newton. But that's different that's different. That's different. I mean like the guy that like. A guide has got three to four years in the league. Like jamie winston at a teen doesn't want you go and get one. There's not anybody in my universe right. Now that i can think garoppolo might be available here. We go so garoppolo so some but the problem with jimmy. Garoppolo is v. lee san francisco. He's going somewhere to start see riot any. He'll went to tennessee to back up. James winston went to. He's got be perceived as a bust given his high status sorta can play with the yet. I still have you still daniel jones still the same old line problem. Regardless of fixed a quarterback who's morale pocket still even watching saquon borrow sanders limited carries key to a degree. But he couldn't get anything but what this does for you. J. as it buys you time to be sure today. Jones is not the guy. I'm just gonna. Let's narrow it down. Okay with tennessee. Is they sign ryan donahue because they were not one hundred percent sure. Marcus mariota member marcus. Mariota was had taken into the playoffs but they were not sure about the moment. He got hurt. Tanny hill came in in all of a sudden it was like here holders for me a little bit and one what you to stay warm. Stay over there and stay ready. Just stay ready in ten. He'll kept going going going and it was like well. That's issue is what you needed. The guy you're describing is daniel jones. If the giants moved on from him he would be that guy for another team pissing. Bisky was a guy like that. I guess that would be a guy right there. I don't want mitchell trubisky founding. I don't want me to be is talking about here. What you're saying that could have been that could have been the giants instead of being the bills but matt's it's easy. Hit it right on the trip. We talked about this when he was running the ball. You saw the defense about the collapse slide. What did he do. He tucked any try to credit points. And don't start with because like seattle picks up is named gabe jackson as a guy. I'm thinking about for a fifth round. Pick off offensive lineman or everywhere. Gettleman been their season four still looking for his hog. Molly's get outta here told us and let's take some calls in the dr pepper corn right. Get outta here. no i'm serious man. Does it take this long. Joe in bangor maine she got for us. What's your overreaction. Yeah my my overreaction is The denver broncos found their quarterback of the future and teddy bridgewater. Bridgewater is a guy like that right but but teddy bridgewater is not tape. Bridgewater was drafted in the first round the minnesota vikings hurt his. Acl moved to the jets. The jets moved him then. He moved to new orleans with. You need to do a new orleans then all of a sudden carolina. I don't know what that is fine. They got saying. I don't know what they were thinking. But that works for denver. Great defense yeah guys not going to mess it on. Go mess and rich. Teddy gonna keep it nice and easy bridgewater. Also not just won't mess it up. He'll make some clutch. Plays a baller when you when you when people say game manager. That's always taken as an insult. But if you have a game manager who's big on third down that you can win. I want super bowl with a quarterback that no one would ever say he had breath for for right. But guess what. Brad didn't do screw it up. He wasn't giving it to the other team on a random. No i'm glad jerry judy's okay jerry. Yes okay because i didn't look good yesterday. Daniel in california you're on with keyshawn j. and max. Espn radio what you overreaction. My biggest overreaction. Is that of the way. The packers played yesterday with How aaron rodgers played. I think aaron rodgers is done. It's time for the packers to jordan levin. And let him go it. That is an overreaction. You lose about thirty five points but think about it though. Jd forget how to play football. Would think about it though jay. No practicing is saying if you're not gonna win a whole lot of games doing that. You gotta they gotta practice. You can keep thirty five basketball score. Get away get away from you. You not prepared in then you can do..

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