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Pacific plastic. Patch? We look at the impact it's having then scientists say fetal tissue is critical for studying life threatening illnesses, but on Wednesday the Trump administration announced it would cut funding for medical research, using fetal tissue. That's had an immediate hit on research being done at UCSF. We also look at the broader impact join us next on forum. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Janine Herbst. When I was press secretary, Sarah Sanders says while there has been some progress in talks between the US and Mexico on trade and immigration the president's position hasn't changed a five percent tariff on goods imported from Mexico will take affect Monday, the talks are underway. Again, today, Trump is trying to pressure Mexico into stemming the flow of Central American migrants across their country, come to the US water seeking asylum. The US says it will lodge a formal diplomatic protest over what it called an, unsafe and unprofessional naval maneuver, by Russian warship in the western Pacific. While Russia says the US vessel was at fault and piers Anthony reports from Seoul that the incident happened in international waters. Russian Pacific fleet accuses the USS chancellor's, Ville of cutting in front of his anti-submarine ship, the Admiral via ground of the Japan based US, seventh fleet to which the chancellor's Ville belongs says the US ship. Was on a steady course trying to let a helicopter land on its deck when the Russian ship came at it from the side the chancellor's Ville. It says had to throw its engines in reverse to avoid a collision, the seventh, fleet says the US ships actions were unsafe unprofessional and violated maritime rules of the road. Anthony Kuhn in PR news. Soul. A new NPR Pius news hour Marissa poll finds widespread support among Americans for the Roe v Wade's of print court decision that legalized abortion nationwide. But as NPR, Serra mccamman reports, a majority of respondents, also support some restrictions on abortion more than three quarters of survey respondents said they want the court to uphold Roe v. Wade only thirteen percent want to overturn it still the survey. Paints, a complicated picture of public opinion on abortion, more than a quarter of respondents said, they want to keep row, but add more restrictions about one in five went to expand it to allow for abortion, under any circumstances. Overall few Americans expressed total opposition to or support for abortion rights eighteen percent said the procedure should be available at any time during pregnancy. Nine percent, said it should never be allowed under any circumstances. Sarah mccamman, NPR news. You employers added fewer jobs than expected last month. The Labor Department says just seventy five thousand job. Were created. But conham is huge on Johnson adviser says there was one bright spot in the report on employment rate remaining unchanged at three point six percent. Maybe that's a little bit of a silver lining be behind, what otherwise might be called a little bit of a dark cloud. But the every hour average hourly wage rose just three point one percent in may from year earlier, smallest annual increase since September street is trading higher. The Dow was of three hundred twenty three points at twenty six thousand forty five. The NASDAQ is up one hundred forty three points at seventy seven fifty nine, the S P five hundred is up thirty eight. You're listening to NPR news from Washington from K, Q, E, D, news, Tiffany, Cam, high federal, prosecutors have indicted sixteen alleged members of one of California's most notorious prison gains, the area and brotherhood. The charges were unsealed yesterday. They area newsgroup reporter Nate Gartrell says they include racketeering, among other crimes. Everything from drug smuggling into prison to fairly sophisticated plots to take cellphones and other contraband into prison cells, as well as straight up murder plots some of which were carried out and some of which thirties intercepted and saved the intended victims from having any armed come to them. Nine of the defendants are currently in prison. Some serving life sentences Gartrell says, if convicted they will probably be transferred to maximum security, federal, facilities, effectively shutting them off from further gang activity, health insurance, giant, anthem Blue Cross will have to improve its method for resolving customer issues after state officials found the company, mishandled grievances. Here's katie's Kate wolf as part of an agreement with the California Department of managed health care, anthem, must pay a two point eight million dollar fine for mishandling complaints about care coverage. They also agreed to invest eight point four million dollars into. Their grievance and appeals process. The department says anthem committed about two hundred fifty violations from twenty thirteen through twenty sixteen and miss classified grievances. As inquiries anthem says they are making changes to.

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