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Long before spike. Lee john singleton and julie dash broke various for black cinema oscar. Ms show became the first major black filmmaker to produce and direct his own films. Everything entrepreneur oscar. Me show left home at sixteen became a train porter and then a home stellar. Supporting a farm was anything but easy. Michelle turned to writing as a new source of income and in one thousand nine hundred seventeen. Ms show would probably a book that altered his future forever. it was called the homestead any adapted it into a silent movie which he produced independently. The homesteaders began michelle's career as the first major independent producer director. A black films his work critique the racist stereotypes of black people typically depicted in hollywood films. You are seeing a whole range of black characters on the screen. Assertive articulate often sophisticated strong characters. Who were trying to do something for themselves in the community. His fifth film within our gates directly rebutted the blatant racism of d w griffith's birth of a nation. A three hour. Long piece of jim crow era propaganda within our gates responds directly to birth of a nation. The negative stereotypical ports of black people. That were shown there. We're not how black people really work. And then showing that white supremacy was really the main problem in the south other films like the symbol of the unconquered and body and soul sought to entertain while also delivering social commentary. He covered issues. That were not being covered and film generally speaking lynching discrimination struggles around employment class differences amongst african americans censor boards often edited. Michelle's movies are rejected them outright. He used these attempts to censor as worked to his advantage. Marketing uncensored versions to curious endearing audiences forced to fund his own work. Miss show success was self made over a career spanning more than three.

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