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Four liar. No, comma Lirey. Christian that movie was huge. But coming in number five and creating a winner for us today. He's a movie called dumb. You say you you. Please. Please. USA chanting against the black guy. Feels uncomfortable. Feels uncomfortable. This come on. They're not against you. There just four Adam day, and you pick the movie that came in at number six all. Yeah. You're right one right almost on it one dollars. Yeah. Who where where's the person you were playing for worries bad law? Come get your prize. Who would have done? All fit one bag this time. That's very exciting. Congratulations mad. Good job. Good job. Yeah. There. She goes. See wave like we're on camera. This is a TV show. So you don't need that anymore. Name back if you wanted and pass me their name tags and Joe DeRosa tell us what's what's going on? When are you shooting the next season of better call Saul yet? I don't know that yet didn't even know if they announced if it's renewed or not so here, I think it's renewed. Okay. I don't know. I don't know. They also one of them. You might out of the call. I will plug by podcasts. We'll see you in hell movie podcast from the scar birds at work, while she myself view,.

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