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Bank of the bands here at halftime Norcross leading Walton fourteen to seven let's recap the scoring for your Walton got things started with three fifteen to go in the first quarter after each team traded punts be era with a sixteen yard touchdown reception the kick would be good in Walton took the seven nothing lead again three fifteen remaining in the first quarter Norcross would miss a field goal Walton would be forced upon in the Norcross would come back again this time it would be Caleb Jackson the cap it with a twelve yard touchdown run deeper alters kick would tie the game at seven and then J. one green would pull in the fifteen yard touchdown pass from Mason Kaplan to make it fourteen to seven capping off a four plus a fifty seven yard drive that took just a minute thirty three seconds off the clock and with one oh nine left to go in the first half it was fourteen seven Norcross and that is the way the half would Ian Brady again Norcross plate three quarter backs up thought all three of them showed some good things but Kaplan was the one that was able to move on down to get a millions of it you start five one hundred yards of the test play Chris I mean if his first step because if he if he makes a big play the one thing about him is I think he's given bill the more explosive play the as far as the the football down go I like to sit I thought all three a plate well about a tree Goodman did what he was supposed to do the right a quarterback he has missed a couple of throws me when they act to throw the football but they did the ball with him right now it seems to be like your basic kapple is the guy who is given his team the best chance to win a big plates and score points right now come back we'll have more here from halftime Norcross leading Walton fourteen to seven game number two of five today on this Saturday from Mercedes Benz stadium in the metro by T. mobile corky kill classic right here on sports radio ninety two nine the game amazing.

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