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The reasons for attending the calm. But I think what I what I love about. Dvd's especially about this DVD's we we got to interview so many great people for this film you know from you know of course. Standing Josh. Who made the film with? But you know. Kevin Smith Toro Grant Morrison Jerry Robinson. Created the joke or Felicia Day Nathan fillion and there were a lot of folks you know that we could put in the movie or the we had to edit down there interviews down to just like one or two sentences so to be able to expand on all of those interviews and all of those great stories that tell and told them the DVD. I think is probably the thing that I really love is that I think that that really speaks to me as a Fan. I think other people really dig it now. He was asked it while you were searching for the people to profile. Were you ever afraid like this? One particular guy would never propose to his girlfriend. Yeah well I mean those things can always happen. You know it's like You never know. And that's the what makes documentaries. You know both exciting and potentially nerve wracking is Is You don't know how it's GonNa end you know. You don't know what's going to happen so I think we were very fortunate that We we got a Guy James Darling who was able to you know and was able to man up and not be afraid of the challenge. That was in front of him. And you know he's proposing girlfriend in front of six thousand people You know the fact that You Know Holly Conrad was able to you know that she was actually able to win. The masquerade you know. It's like that was epic. Who who would have thought that she would be able to pull that offer You know I think that we just You when you when you cast a film like this you know it is a crap shoot and you know the one thing that we wanted to make sure we did. Is We want to make sure we. We found characters are characters that we are following that had real stakes. You know people that were really going there with a a a very distinct sense of purpose And you know we did. We got you know people who were really going there for some specific reason. You know how you know Eric and skip who are trying to break into the comic book business. Those are those are great stories But not knowing how it's GonNa work out is is part of the gamble but I think we were. We were really really fortunate with the cast and Morgan. This is Tony Tomato of talk as far as what you learn from those people and what they're trying to make their dreams come true and working hard at it. What did you come away with? After speaking to them and seeing their story. Yeah I mean I think for me when the one thing that I think comes away from when you watch comecon in general and you watch the film I think it really does. Kind of shatter whatever stereotype. You may have had granted. There are people there who probably do still live at home. We've probably dill student. Do still live with their parents. But I think that is not the majority of people who go to COMECON. I think it is filled with very passionate. People very passionate fans Who actually do have lives? And this is just a great place for them. Either to express their creativity or to celebrate things that they're passionate about You know I think I think it really does change your view of what Of what a what a convention like this is really all about he also describes how. Vip's make the proposal happen. Yeah people love to think that we somehow came in there and make happen which you know. We don't do when we I don't do when we make films you know we don't go in and try and Fultz with things. We have no idea how things are going to end You Know James Darling. New a friend of a friend who at one point worked on a Kevin Smith movie and somehow got in touch with that person who got him in touch with assistant. Who got him in touch with Kevin Smith's assistant and you know the guy did all his own legwork. I mean it was amazing to see what he was able to pull together and they both loved Kevin Smith so he knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend at that panel. I mean it's it's amazing. People people pull up proposals in incredible ways. I was just talking to a guy on a phone Who He used to work at. Was it access Hollywood or or e or one of the. He works at some entertainment channel and he said. I love the marriage proposal because I love that he goes because I propose to my wife on a plane using a video that I got the stewardesses to play where he literally got all of these celebrities that he would be interviewing when he'd go out to do these. He got all the celebrities basically to talk about him so he created this video. Where all these letters were talking about him and how great. He wasn't what a great catchy was. And this is playing on the video screens on the airplane so literally. Everyone on the plane is watching his then. At the end he proposes to his wife on the plane. And so you know people do extraordinary things when they're in love and I think that that's what this is. Just another one of those great moments that is it's a great geeky moment of being in love and that's what that's for me. That's an incredible thing. Other people who tried to make a movie kamikaze. I mean I think it had zero to do with me. I had I gone to them by myself. They would have said absolutely not because I think I think they were already trepidation about me. Making a film you know. GonNa Make Fun of Am I just going to go in and make fun of people? Am I going to just you know you know? Pull a kind of triumph the insult comic dog and you know and literally just make fun of all the low hanging fruit and I think that really the only reason the movie got made was because we partnered with stand in just to make this kind of the old and the new guard of of victim. You know the the the keepers of the of the grail and I think that That I just got by myself. They wouldn't have done it. But because Stan Joss both gave this film kind of their seal of approval they believed in it you know. They believed in the story that I wanted to tell which is kind of getting to the heart of why people are so passionate about comic con I think that was the only reason that COMECON said yes. It must've been for you like planning a war in kind of coordinating everything shooting on the floor and also getting the celebrities that like the planning part is before you even start it. Yeah I mean it was massive. You know there was myself and my two producers Matthew Galkin and Jerry. Chill Nick like we we we. We got the know the book of. Here's everything that's going on at COMECON. So we knew here's the characters were following and everything else that's happening Here all the people that we know are coming in so you literally just start chasing as many things as you can and you have to be very strategic because we had we had fifteen full. Crews that were there shooting And at any given moment Like the film producer that was with that group could pick up a second camera so we were usually rolling anywhere between fifteen to twenty five cameras during during the day and then we would literally give everybody their marching orders. Shoot this panel talk to you. We want you to talk to this person. You know that. With the exception of the people who were following our main characters that were in the movie we were bouncing around all the time. Throughout the whole con- We had a crew of one hundred fifty people. It was the biggest I've ever had in my life. I mean and it was. It was literally like you were planning every morning and every night. Exactly where you're going to be shooting and some along the way you just miss things you know you miss an interview or you miss a moment where somebody was doing assigning or someone was talking and you have to let those things go because there's so much going on in that moment you just have to continue to stay focused like we miss that. But how do we not the next one and And it's a it's it's a lot you know. There's a lot to cover. There's one hundred fifty thousand people there over the four days and there's so many things happening you just you're never gonNA capture everything but I think what that does is a great job of showing the immensity of the con of how much there is going on and gives you just like a real slice of life of these of the people that go there the passion they have and why they're there amen to that you also addresses pirating and pirated copies of his documentary being available as a documentary filmmaker I am incredibly pro piracy because ultimately if somebody's going to download a documentary illegally and show it to anyone. God bless them for doing that. I think that documentaries have such a hard time already of finding on getting an audience and Listen you know. I want my films to make money. I want the distributors. Put them out to make money but at the same time. I WANT FANS. Have you'll have access to them so I'm not nearly as precious or or you know. Upset about you. Know people bootlegging things when we were making wearing the world's Osama bin Laden and this is a perfect example. We're making wearing the world's Osama bin Laden we're shooting in Saudi Arabia and a girl comes up to me on the street in the middle of Riyadh. Were shooting right in the middle of the capital. She comes up to me and she says she's little Saudi girl she goes. Are You Morgan? Spurlock she's twelve thirteen years old. I said yes and she goes. I just have to tell you that episode of thirty days where the Christian guy went to live with the Muslim family. One of the most important things I've ever seen. I shared it with so many people you throughout Saudi Arabia. Thank you for making that. That wasn't there legally. That was a complete bootleg that somebody took and and and shared with that whole country. So I mean I think there's something that that is. That is very valid about that. Especially if things aren't going to be able to be accessed you know what I want somebody to buy a DVD. Of course I would but if someone can't do I want them to not see my film. Absolutely Chuck Rose Naski from Ma is definitely one of the breakout stars of the documentary. Will we see more of him in the DVD? Yeah there's there's a little bit more chocolate on their You know there's There's more of all of all the characters that are in the film there's You know I I. Love Chuck Chuck is such a such and such a breakout star. And I I would love to do more with chuck like I. I would love to have chuck and I want to have his own TV series like like the whole story of Mile High. And the fact that he's keeping that place going you know and and his expanded he moved into a new facility. That's now sixty thousand square feet. I mean the guy is the guy is a machine and I think he's there's something really inspirational about about chuck because he is someone who will always find a way so always find a way to do it and he ended up selling the Red Raven last fall He said you know what he goes. Well I'm finally sell this thing. I think he ended up getting a hundred grand for it So the guys guide to Smart Cookie look for Comic Con Episode Four Offense Hope on DVD. It's neat look at Phantom till next time this is Tony to Lotto. Have a great weekend. I got stare and I'm the composer for the event. You're listening to Sifi Talk..

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