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What that really is as we get ready for your number three with Jack is your number one was very good you number two not so much else got Mitch Trubisky as well the young quarterback she got a lot of young quarterbacks on the table and ask you. This question eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two forty two Twenty seven out. Of these young, quarterbacks which young quarterback intrigues you the most, and, I'm gonna go with one that I think there's, an unknown and I think it's the first two guys that we mentioned it's Baker Mayfield, and Sam darnold, because both of, those teams have been, so bad for so long and this is a. Year with those two quarterbacks that I, don't know when they're going to play however the one thing that I do know is. That they're going, to get a chance in my opinion. At some time during the season the question is how many games are they. Gonna apply near these guys are. To sit out for the full year I. Just don't see a way. That the teams are that good enough for both of those guys to sit out the entire year but they need to set and lay a foundation this year. That reflects what. This future for both. Of these organizations will be. And when they. Get that time on the field almost intrigued to see how confident I could walk away after this year filling about, Baker Mayfield and Sam darnold as they try to move What has been a very negative vibe around but those organizations and the Browns and jets to, try to make it very positive. For years and, years to come with the franchise quarterback but after the first preseason game it's only one preseason game. You've got to feel good about where you are you're Browns or jet fan just because of what you've got to see a little, bit out of Mayfield and darnold then you've got to see some glimpses of what you hope to be the future so eight. Five five two one two four CBS which young quarterback intrigues you the most we'll be back to answer your phone calls when we come back Zach yelp Jonas Saturday morning CBS.

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