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Ooh. Yeah. Yeah. Has to be. That's like that's what he does all day. So at least got to do is to go hunt. Vampires you start in the beginning of the day, you make sure your home safe at night, I'm gonna it's perfectly reasonable anyway, who's tally. The you mentioned earlier that there is ten minutes of setting the story up. I gave a brief lurk, but not enough of a look to found a satisfactory answer. I think that in nineteen seventy seventy-two the typical length of a TV episode after you've stripped it of commercials was about fifty minutes if I'm not mistaken. This was very strange in my mind in that you have the the bits where Norlisk calls is publisher. And they talk about how bad it is. Or how I can't do it. You gotta hear these tapes. And now, I gotta talk to you. I gotta talk to you today. So then they have the whole bit where he goes down. And he sits around waiting for lunch and nothing happens. And then he calls, and we Norlisk ignoring and we see then we seem go back, and it's like a week later, the publisher context Norlisk attorney, and he tells the attorney to look into. To it. And so the attorney looks into it, and then the Terni catches up with publisher days later, apparently, you're right to be worried. I found in the whole stuff about writing up and down on the cable car, and and and go into the club. And and and then finally the publisher goes to Norlisk place, and and starts to process now this movie was one hundred seventy two minutes long. So if they could just kill twenty two minutes with the framing stuff, this would effectively be about what one episode of the New Orleans tapes as TV series would be like probably have about the same pacing. You know, what they would have to cut it up under normal normal circumstances, which is another tip off that they're probably going for a pilot that in the big number one in the number two on the tape. But anyway, this one was written issue by William F Nolan. You familiar with him? I don't. I am not Richard Matheson, who did the night stalker was famous TV writer short story, novelist. Concentrated a lot on horror stories he'd written the movie duel, which I think you owe. But yes. Star Trek stories. He's written says, we'll leave if Nolan also a multiple award winning horror SCI fi writer, also Star Trek the twilight zone, he and George Clayton. Johnson did Logan's run. And I mean, the novels on then William Nolan wrote the rest of the novels. He's he's won countless awards. He's won. Are. He's written comedy things. I guess he's got a Sam space series, which is sort of a comedy science fiction detective PI sort of thing. He's done biographies. I know he's gonna buy of Dashiell Hammett out there. So there's there's a connection that popped in my brain. When I was thinking about the the writing. It's like, oh, yeah. He's definitely trying to do the old PI pastiche there with a gun metal sky and all that kind of stuff. I mean, the guy has got a ton of a ton of work behind him. It's not it's not bad. I'm the premise of the story is I grown when they said, oh, the blood's been drained out of the body after admit that that was the one part in the story that that I just really it has to be a blood drain. Traders. Well, it's back tonight. Stocker it's like, it's another blood draining thing, and yes, they had a good reason for it could reason for it from the in universe story kind of which I thought was novel though, I don't need it to survive. I don't need to vibe. It's like I'm have to make this blood body for this demon. I mean, okay. That's that's the kind of weird stuff I can expect. I I appreciate it. It was as ambi- go. It wasn't your standard zombie wasn't your standard vampire it. It had all the marks. I I thought it was a decent premise for this supernatural story. It. 'execution perhaps it was definitely tweet for jump scares Danker..

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