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With a few clouds in Boston at two o'clock. I'm Nancy shack years. What's happening? Lawsuits and a legislative challenge are in the works. After President Trump, declares a national emergency in an effort to find the money to build the southern border wall. ABC's? Tara Palmer reports on the fight for funding congress passes spending Bill Thursday granting only one point four billion dollars for border barriers far below the president's demand. A five point six billion dollars for a wall along the Mexican border trim bypassing congress to tap into up to eight billion dollars three point six billion will come from the Pentagon, another two point five billion from the department of defense and six hundred million from the treasury department all combined with the additional one point three seven billion dollars allotted from the spending Bill. Within hours of the president's declaration, the first legal effort was launched by Public Citizen. A liberal advocacy group suing to stop the wall on behalf of a nature. Reserve at three Texas landowners, who've been told the wall will cross their properties on Capitol Hill. Congress is trying to stop the declaration with a resolution of disapproval the effort is likely to pass the house. But according to the hill chief editor Bob Kusak. It may be a tough sell in the Senate. Most of the Senate Republicans are going to back their president. Marco Rubio has said this is a terrible idea. This is gonna be a tough vote because the vote in the Senate that's going to be happening in the coming weeks, you can't filibuster. So if you have a handful of defections in the Senate, then this will go to the president he can veto it. But that would be embarrassing the joint resolution disapproving of the president's actions can be passed with a simple majority vote in each chamber, the border wall is not the only current fight over immigration policy. A Los Angeles. Federal judge is trying to permanently block the Trump administration. From favoring police departments that cooperate with immigration officials after the city of Los Angeles, Los out on grant money. A US district court judge ruled Friday that the department of Justice imposed unconstitutional conditions onto award programs which required those city police allow ice agents into jails and give advance warning of the release of detained illegal aliens. Los Angeles is a sanctuary city and does not follow those rules immigration was not the only topic the president addressed yesterday afternoon in his press conference. He also made a point of claiming that ISIS control in Syria is nearing an end ABC's James Longman is at the coalition base for operations against terror group are being staged space. Isis now halls is down to only about a hundred meters. A tiny step of land near the town of biogas, which is about fifty miles from here. The fighting is really now more at a standoff. Isis fighters are essentially holding the last remaining civilians hostage that come out in the cold using their own families as human shields. And that they've shot those trying to leave before including children, the civilians that do remain are too afraid to make a run for it. According to the US backed Syrian democratic forces ISIS now controls less than a square mile of Syria defrocking at the Vatican. That's coming up. It's two or three.

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