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Baseball games back in MLB 2021, especially if you get to October you need as many guys, you can kind of in that boat phone well and you need to run up against a team that is not going to be as particular when they're swinging at pitches. Meaning you need to face teams that are going going to be more aggressive because I found in watching these games that dead When you have hard throwers out of the bullpen, if you run up against the line up that it's going to take pictures and has no problem hitting with two strikes. Those are the teams that usually have success, waiting out and throwers in the bullpen. Yeah, absolutely. And that's one of the good things about the Red Sox offense, when they're going. Well, is that, you know, they can beat good teams. They can be good, pitching staffs. And you know, these are actually laborers. They're just even have, they're going to have to get back to pounding. The strike zone, kind of trusting the stuff. I've seen a lot of nibbling going on lately and Barnes just has to get back to where he was early. And when he was just kind of go after guys, and ladies looked kind of more like the old pre 2021 Matt Barnes where he's nibbling around and tracks, you know, he's got a great curveball. But God, you got a ninety-six ninety-seven, my yes, humans the basketball. Yeah, and it had to be aggressive especially if it drives me crazy. Try guys are nibbling at the bottom of the order and I've seen birth. Sounds like walking number nine, enter cuz he's throwing too many curveballs. When you have like a, you know, the the top of the order coming up, just don't do that. Don't slow their baths down, you know, just he involved in the meat of the order. Just just use your fast football. And I think that's with Barnes need to do is he just needs to get back to being aggressive and trusting that, that could fast-forward, he has, how does a pitching rotation lineup for this week with the Yankees? I haven't taken. Yeah, they're going to go the, it's listed to the TV only because they're going out. And, and of all the in the first in a doubleheader, what they hadn't for some reason, they haven't disclosed, which order they're going to be in yet. So it's going to be how kind of all the in some order against, you know, then they're going to go with pivetta in the Wednesday game in New York. Then you have sailed back out there Friday against Texas and Iran Saturday. So it shapes have to be a pretty good week for the Red Sox. Pitching wise at these guys can kind of do what they should do. I think it's going to be really exciting to age. Enter how pitch in Yankee Stadium and of all the it's just been an absolute Yankee killer track since since he joined the Red Sox. I mean he just every time he pitches against them pretty much a 01 run. So I think there is a good shape to at the very least split that double-headed on Tuesday, which is what they need to do. They don't need to sweep and they just need to split it and then hopefully when they came on on Wednesday get out of there and win two out of three months. Yeah. TBD against Gil and then TBD against Montgomery in The nightcap on Tuesday. And then Wednesday, Nick pivetta goes off keys are still TBD on that..

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