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Kindle right and marcus wedin relevant sir and it on top of that the the rest were now being very kind to the chicago where single hosed i i feel so bad for chicago fans i mean that that call back on the the holding call for a jordan howard's touchdown i i thought it was a whole i thought yeah i mean it was the critical block that free jordan hour to get the edge and he he did paul him now it's either that happens a lot and infobahn does not get called but it just it looked like if the ref was right in front of that i probably would have called the two where there was plenty of calls in the game where i did feel like they were getting hosts still i saw at least the glimpse the glamour from trubisky that i don't think he fell on his face despite the numbers indicating he really fell on his face about that there's enough there there's earlier there should be hope there should be hope in chicago is do you have any more takeaways from the game not really the only the only takeaways worth mentioning are the he did target the tight end a lot of them went to dion syms not just to zack miller but it does give me confidence in zack miller going forward given the landscape of of tight ends and tariq cohen they they utilized him well they got on the touches but he looked like he was trying to do too much on every single play he wanted to try to break some long and he was dance and when he wasn't getting targets mean you of one target while he was e e yet one one target but he was getting carries at the end of the game yeah obviously ultimately less on every hole one seems cohen's real value came because he was getting these out of control target numbers from my glennon and now you have benny cunningham coming in and getting cunningham in four targets we led the running backs.

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