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I i look dead in the eyes. I say all of them all over the field slag tackling. I'm taking place sports. I've taken from midfield with right right. Their jobs is support me because of financial athleticism. It's raw. It's uncut diamond but their job is it contains. That's what i would tell my what i suggest you do. I play play soccer. Jesse is that you're in the middle of the fields right and your teammates are essentially remembers on the edges of the caroling lane correct and and you're going to just fling it therefore force and there's gonna ricochet off those bumpers but eventually will get words wanting to go. That's right where my when people say what position you play wherever the ball is okay. Ah you play like every five year old now runs through emails actually have fun when they play like adults too serious. I'm out there just yeah no. I played one indoor game in i don't i don't want to play soccer. I you know here's the thing my hands are so good at things and are are so coordinated with instruments years honing close up magic and sleight of hand skills. What's happened is it's like when one cents gets too sure on the other ones diminish. You know if you don't take extra care of them right. My feet coordination have somehow cancer that good at things how now when trying to control the ball more power game so i was at an indoor soccer and my wife was playing in a league and their goalie couldn't make the game and they're like all right well. We need to play goalie and i'm in street clothes in this just like wearing jeans now and they're like hey. We need a goalie. Yeah sure i mean honestly how tiny it's like a hockey. I can just stay right. It's not a woman co-head team. Yeah yeah yeah no. It was a women's team. I went to the locker room. Put a wig on and i went out there and i stood in the net and i was like honestly. How hard could it be. I can just like extend in my arms and and and put my fingers out and i'm covering like eighty percent of the net here like i'm about to shut this down. This is going to be unbelievable. I had in the i like six minutes eight goal scored on me and they pulled me aside. We're going to outfielder someone else. It was the hardest thing ever done in my life. It was on. I mean you got three people running at ya what i'm has the ball it's like. I don't know where you kick it the terrible terrible sport of snow. I'm having a great time. It's your story like. Why are you how what when where how. How do we buy tickets. I just really love it. I just really love soccer and so i wanted to play again. I grew up playing play my whole life. I played until college and and going to college. I got injured into my senior year and then lost opportunities in college that i had and so i just didn't play again and and i have just been doing some life assessing gentlemen and was thinking through what i what what brings me the most joy roy and i have a very simple loving relationship with soccer. I love what i watch it every weekend. I i'm a huge fan of the national soccer club. I am like i go to games. All the time wednesday night i went and ate dinner at the game and watch the game as like my after work wednesday thing and <hes> and so i just decided it was time to start playing again. I wonder how much life assessment i would have to do to get me on a soccer field. What tell tell us more about the life assessment yeah thing now right. So is there like 'cause. I'm picturing like respect that i think you're anti like take no. Thanks what what's the equivalent to my fantasy football war room which is a room in my house with notecards everywhere red yarn pictures of player's stats..

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