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Auto Workers came down to a difference of just fifty seven votes. In a statement, the union called for changes to the country's labor laws, but did not say it would appeal the vote for NPR news. I'm Lee signer in Nashville, and you're listening to NPR news in Washington. From news in San Francisco, I'm Ryan Levy, a concord man has been charged for allegedly allegedly threatening online to conduct a mass shooting against Jews. The East Bay times reports Twenty-three-year-old Ross, Anthony Farka is in custody after the F B I received a tip last week from the video game platform steam that Farka had repeatedly posted about wanting to kill Jews. Nate Gartrell covers contra Costa courts for the newspaper. He says Farka was inspired by religiously motivated shootings in New Zealand and Powell. Earlier this year. Uh screen name was off Hitler and then six million, which is obviously a reference to the number of Jews were killed during the holocaust, and there's even a comment about wanting to livestream the massacre, while wearing a Nazi uniform and actually live streaming it with Nazi music to Farkas next court appearance is scheduled for later this month, bay area congresswoman Lofgren is co sponsoring a Bill introduced this week that aims to prevent more deaths of migrant children held by US border. Authorities K cuties for Rita job. Romero reports the bell authored by southern California. Congressman role rates would require customs and border protection to conduct health screenings for all the knees to provide clean drinking water and to stop keeping migrants in freezing. Cold rooms raises a Harvard trained physician something congresswoman, so laugh grin noted in announcing or support for the legislation.

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