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Mountain Reba turn off to route 89 of its past Also closes Highway 89 from Highway 3 95 to round four at monitor Pass. I'm Royal, um l A news 93.1 FM kfbk. Now. Sacramento weather early this morning. Cool under a clear sky Close between 44 48 Later on this Thanksgiving Sunny, breezy highs between 63 67 cold Tonight lows between 34 38 Tomorrow and Saturday Lots of sun. Eyes each day near 64 I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Occur. Bobinsky News 93.1 kfbk this holiday season Wal Mart helps you give them everything with exclusive Lego sets from whole new worlds to build the thrilling adventures with their own exciting stories and bringing their imagination to life. Wal Mart helps you give them everything because Lego bricks can be anything exclusive sets available at WalMart. Sacramento's number one for breaking news. Continuing coverage. Local news Mayor West Sacramento was traffic traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons and weather the storm is on Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. Celebrating the arts is brought to you by Bank of America. You're listening to celebrating the arts from ABC News radio. Thanks for joining us. I'm Erin Keter Ski. The nation's schools scrambled to keep teaching this year. And while students may not like it, reading, writing and arithmetic is still doable via zoom and opening a book. Arts.

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