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One of the winners out at the Golden Globes. I do want to talk about the progress of Amazon and net flicks. We saw take home two awards for Roma. You know, a big deal for Netflix has as its first original movie winning and an award. What do you make of that? Look, I think content from wherever it comes today is is the answer. Net. Flicks is certainly spending enormous sums of money as Amazon and so the likelihood of them having more winners in the awards season. I think is to be expected there. You know in the proverbial throwing more of it against the wall. That much more of it has an opportunity to stick. I'm certainly not referring to the content as that on just using the analogy. And so I think you'll see more of that as opposed to less of that as the marketplace really doesn't care who the producer is. They care how good the content is. Does that mean that net? Flicks loses its edge in the future as more companies pull their content from net flicks and develop their own OTT services. Well, look. With Disney being a serious as they are in their mission. And with the FOX deal ready to close momentarily, obviously within the next few weeks is what the expectation is what what Disney is doing under the leadership. Kevin mayor. I think you can't underestimate that. And certainly Warner media with John stanky, Richard club. Learn the team Kevin Riley now moving over, you know, not moving over, but taking on additional responsibility. Relative to the over the top. Creative mix and let's not forget our friends in Philadelphia and thirty rock with Comcast NBC universal. I think the the field as crowded, but as in all crowded fields, the creams gonna rise and those who can create the best content and catch the attention of the viewers, and we'll talk about that for a moment in terms of catching the attention. I think that's who's going to win and they're all capable of spending enormous sums of money to create content. Not that money ensures good content. But as I said, the more you produce the more of it, you create the more you distribute, the higher likelihood of catching the attention of the audiences when I talk about capturing the attention of the audiences though. I think it's important to note the amount of money that is being spent on program promotion, we don't any longer and haven't for quite some time relied on lead in as as network television. Used to refer to it. You just have to drive up and down any of the main thoroughfares anywhere in certainly Los Angeles, New York, and and as well places all around the country and see the amount of money being spent in one sector, particularly out of home producing. I mean, promoting rather the content on Netflix, Hulu, and you know, the like so. The money's being spent to drive the eyeballs and the eyeball seem to be responding. The content is good. Now back to devices since you're at.

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