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Sean Robinson. He was my number seven rated QB coming out of high school. I think he's in for a good year. And while the offense of line is young, you go back and look at the history of Patterson over the last ten years. Generally when he's got a young offense of line, he develops awhile and they end up better stance and they did the year before. So I know this guy can take a young offensive line and do well with it. Now the schedule, they do have to play Texas on the road, and they also have to play West Virginia on the road, but they get Oklahoma at home, which is big. And I think this is TCU team with the defense special teams and sneakily good offense. And there's no dominant team in the big twelve this year. So if they can run the table or get close to maybe one loss get to that big, twelve title game and winning. She's got a great shot at making the playoffs and win the division never gonna feel dumb, taking a bet on Gary Patterson. There's any coaches done more with less. Maybe Chris Peterson, but those two guys really establish themselves and Peterson's finally getting some recruits and he's shown that he can play with the big boys as he's prove. In some bowl games over the years, just really, really impressive. So I like that value. Let's let's switch to over unders season win, total bets. One that sort of jumped out at me and we can talk about a few of them, obviously, is UCLA under there's a lot of into it. There's not not just drinking, but there's chugging of the Kool aid out there in Westwood as a guy, I'm unconcerned with chip Kelly, go in there and sort of restoring that program. I know things don't happen overnight, and that's kind of what you talk about. You like under five and a half wins. Yeah. And you think of under five and a half. So UCLA basically has to win six to beach here and get to a bowl game. Now they've got a couple of things that really bothered me. First of all, chip Kelly was way ahead of the game when he went to work and you know the spread offense was new. The fast paced tempo was new and they were winning ten games every single year. He was there at least ten games while he doesn't have that advantage anymore effect. When you talk to coaches and this year talked over a hundred coaches, everybody's using that third linebacker spot as safety slash linebacker the deal with everybody running the spread and everybody running temple. So no longer that big advantage there. Also when he was at Oregon, they had the advantage of the facilities being better than everybody else. And now everybody's in a facility building thing, it's just a big race to be the biggest and best. The other two factors look at is experience level. You know, last year Josh Rosen was there. They lose him. They ran a pro style offense, moving to the spread offense of lines. To run new schemes. They got a true freshman most likely going to win the quarterback spot and overall UCLA roles in at number one hundred eighteen in my experience shirt. And let's keep in mind their defense last year while banged up on the defensive line gave up five point eight yards per carry. Two hundred sixty seven yards per game rush. Those are ridiculously bad totals. I don't think he's gonna sprinkle some very distant defensive front seven and get into all of a sudden become a dominant defensive front seven. And then the final factor when I look at UCLA the schedule actually right at the toughest schedule in the country out of north, they draw the top three teams, Washington, Oregon, and Stanford. They draw Oklahoma on the road. Fresno state while once team. Fresno state is one of the top teams in the mountain west. That's going to be difficult, especially with an experience for as no team and even the weakest team on their schedule Cincinnati as a potential of getting to a bowl..

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