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Your iphone ipad your eye glasses patch patch. They need an ipad. I know I have one remember all that general, just remember them. But they do glasses where you can kind of see, you know, like your computer readout, like scifi movie. We're to. So we're going to get we get to talk to an investor today in studio in studio and check writer, give him him. Yeah. Get them in here. Clinton, glenn. Cova check. I hope I'm saying that president because there are check. Yeah. Right. Yeah. He's, he's the copper Bank. They are publicly traded, but he's an investor. He's talked to us about tesla. It's gonna talk to us about the future of energy, and you can pitch him on whatever deal you got. Because he's said he'd write a check. He was impressed think. Wow. That happened or slim and none and slim just left. I got something to talk about. Can we be tequila? Siba Tiba Keila. Don't certain can I can I can talk about our website for a second to our guest from from gas. But he's count. Yeah, here's a deal Russ. If you're going to big big show dot com, if you would have been Patrick DeHaan from gasbuddYcom, and you click down Shoshu on the left hand side. And then you go all the way to the bottom. Lord. Russell industries there. Yeah, this is all of the inventions that Russ has had over the twenty two years radio and thirteen years television ice cream on a Donut drive through the government diets. What was diet? Scott's again guy at scotch is basically big glass of good scotch with couple is extra extra the Schuessel bit. What was the unfortunately we couldn't call it the because Hello? But it's picking up your dog. But all is clear mitt that you put on inside them, it had had lanes of. Yes going pick it up inside out. She's inside the grass looking object goes on the guys on the Browns to Laura. Cuervo that was fantastic credit crunch combat. Hold on a second credit country. You know what I have to tell you about credit crunch? This is catching on of all places in China. I know I have a part of the tariff thing because they've been eating this credit crunch, like it's going nuts because they love that kind of food. It's peanuts. It's cocoa puffs. And it's stays in its own air tight Dipak. Yeah. Ziplock that Cooney cocoa snack from the king snacks. It's kinda made on eight born on Twitter born on date when twelve twenty nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight so this is almost ready activated. Yeah, this basically never stopped. Yeah. Never stops cooking. Lord, Russell's credit card. Coco smack would like didn't you like wasted one night? And you cocoa puffs and peanuts at the same time. Well being a new bachelor only had peanuts and CoCo and hot truck the last couple there on Lord Russell industries, is the, the bell Tito still. We're still using.

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