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On the twelfth the Mets to bring bachelor in have brought him into the five spot in the lineup And To do. That they've moved Michael Conforto over to Teesta, spotted. Right but Teesta comes out of the. Game Dominic Smith is in left Hernandez takes a strike that's the that's. If you're scoring at home What was the old sports center line. Actually he's, here tonight I saw Keith Olbermann Before the ballgame? Talking, to John Miller. Breaking ball MRs outside I think the line was you're, scoring at home or, if you're by yourself Don't look like that DC that that was his line that wasn't mine here's a one. One pitch to gore keys who it's a mammoth up first base side foul the catch him as a Rocco tosses the mast and makes the. Catch and the giants have come out and popped up twice here against bachelor Alan Hansen now Remember About five hours ago on the pre-game. Show we formed you that Ray black had been optioned a triple a. and Derek law had been recalled And he may well be needed here Hansen has an RBI double but he, struck out three times sharp ground ball right to raise picks it up flips on over the first boy that was quick Tyler bachelor in and out And, the, giants. Go down one. Two three in the twelfth bottom of the twelfth coming, up here in flushing.

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