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He'll play forever. A shack Mason's their best offensive lineman. Twenty-five John Bentley a rookies. Twenty two won the starting job last year as a rookie linebacker and got hurt. And that's something. Interesting here to rookies popped for them in camp is Ahah win a first rounder and Joon Bentley a fifth rounder. They also had Duke Dawson, Braxton various they all got hurt. So they have four young players to John Bentley and is AOL win. They think are going to be stars and play this year. One starting roles didn't play. They also have twelve draft picks. So they'll actually become one of the middle to younger teams in the league next year as grunk term expires. So don't forget this number one Brady had very good numbers considering element didn't plan September grommed pretty much the shot fighter and no deep threat. They still had very solid offensive numbers. They are. Twelve draft picks. And actually you could count it as sixteen because four draft picks last year, they were planning to play major minute to in fact, look like stars in camp had one starting roles. So there is this idea. Don't forget the NFL is a year to year proposition, the three teams I'll guarantee you. That are good next year. Gonna be good Kansas City New England and the colts everybody else year to year proposition. Generally, I leaned the Steelers, but we thought Baltimore was that. And they wrote it for about three years straight until this year with the Mark Jackson. Nobody takes Texan seriously. They employed in the playoffs. We liked the chargers. They just melted down. And they plan a top division. We don't know what we're getting with Gruden Sam darnold. Adam gates could be interesting, but it's a dysfunctional organization. So you know, what Andy Reid says is I'm looking at tape. I don't see the decline. Line. And what I think a lot of people misunderstand New England has a chance to be very young next year outside of Brady, and he's not showing huge decline. It is a very good draft for the two things. New England needs tight end and a wide receiver and a deep draught not a ton of stars deep draft with both. They've got six picks in the first three rounds twelve overall. And I think a lot of people are forgetting. Four draft picks last year got hurt didn't play too had earned starting roles got hurt. So this is this is really going to sustain this thing. Bella check still the best coach in the league. It is still arguably the best home field vantage in the AFC and Brady's Brady Greg Cosell top of the hour. It's interesting James harden went crazy last night. And I've said this for a long time that there's a lot of things as you gain power in life as you gain income as you gain experience. There's a lot of things you can do in life that you shouldn't necessarily do in life. James harden took thirty four shots last night. Six time. He's done it in January thirty plus shots there to inform these games. Now. Chris Paul is hurt Clint cappella too, so they're not a great basketball team. And obviously his usage rate will increase but last night, it was fairly remarkable of the hundred fifteen point. He is scored in two games. There have been zero assists. He's basically not passing. It should be noted Steph curry do this too when Kevin Durant hurt, and he never does James harden is more of a day traitor Steph. Curry is a financial planner a day traders number one concern is what can I make in the next twenty four hours a financial planner?.

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