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A unique healthcare facility in Cranston Patricia Morgan yesterday She issued a statement she said. That she's. Officially launched. Her Rhode Island, job creator tour visiting employers and employees it successful small businesses throughout the, state thus far she has visited among, them let's, see fireworks catering that's in providence. Taylor box of Warren, also vibe cool. The vibrators out there in Richmond listening to owners and workers inside says and concerns as well as sharing, with them her plans for reinvigorating Rhode Island's. Economy and when we were talking, with her yesterday And I said you gotta be kind. Of bummed out you gotta be kinda disappointed that there really are no. Serious debates planned before the the primary. And she. Said she's. More disappointed for, the voters put deep down I think she knows she's disappointed because she's, got to go to name up there, you know, name recognition is absolutely everything for. These candidates especially if, they don't have. A lot of dough in their campaign coffers You know name recognition is absolutely key, and how much time is left before the primaries not much time whatsoever We talked about Joe Fleming the other day. From flying associates because, they put, out an eyewitness news Roger Williams university poll on what Monday of this week and in that poll he, said he, doesn't think that. The voters are? Really all, that engaged yet in this particular. Election and look, at I mean not engaged yet what? Are you. Gonna handful the. Days left before the primary so pretty interesting Rhode Island hospital in the nurses union oh boy here we, go they have filed complaints against each other who give you an idea, how the talks are going with them his Caroline Goggin from eyewitness news less than twenty four hours after negotiations resumed, between life span and the nurses union drama between the two escalated both lifespan and, the local five zero nine. Eight union filing complaints against each other, with the National Labor Relations board on Thursday, Rhode Island hospitals complaint claims the nurses union was, engaging in, quote bad faith bargaining during, the current contract negotiations the hospital claiming the union? Went on strike last Month over issues that were not subjective. Any proposal on the table as we've reported union members on the picket line said they weren't only, striking because of wages and benefits but also because of. A lack of resources, and staffing, hospital leaders have repeatedly said the union did not bring up those issues during the Goshi aviation's on Thursday, not long, after we learned. Lifespan was filing? Its complaint, unit fired back accusing the hospital. Of implementing changes, after the strike saying it deliberately targeted? Members of. The union who. Were active in the strike union council telling us quote the hospital knew ahead of time that we intended, to file charges this morning and, looks as if life span filed charges, to distract the public's attention from their own unlawful conduct we look forward to litigating these matters before the NLRB and, I spoke to union spokesperson Ray Sullivan over the phone he said he doesn't know, the timeline yet for when. The board will hear the complaints from, both the hospital and the union meantime both, sides are expected to meet again on August fifteenth I asked relevant. If those talks would still happen considering developments he told me he hasn't heard otherwise, Caroline Goggin from my witness news in today's Providence, Journal residents of block island concerned about how a high voltage power line for the first offshore wind farm in the United States that is supposed to be buried, became exposed the power line was visible on Wednesday of this week at low tide state beach now NBC ten reports that the thirty-seven thousand five hundred volt power line runs electrically generated by offshore deepwater wind turbines to the mainland and to block island residents resident doc Lewis said that people have been assured it's safe but asked would you want your children's stepping on forty thousand volts utility national grid says. Shifting sediment has exposed that line but officials are confident that it's safe national grid officials say that they're gonna keep. Block island updated on the situation Maher yeah that's cause for some concern there but national grid says it's safe so we're talking. About, the debate over the lack of debates in the Ron React and that's our poll question, for today do you think Governor Raimondo and Cranston mayor Allan Fung decision not to schedule primary debates will hurt them in the eyes of the voters moving, forward you. Can log onto NewsRadio RI dot com and give us a yes or no do. You, think that Governor Raimondo and Allen funds decision not to schedule primary debates will hurt them in, the eyes of voters so you can log on tell us. What, the. Think about that yesterday you wanna leave a comment you go, to the Facebook page for the program other day I? Asked you if debates, have a big impact do they, swing you one way or the other when you get into that voting booth and most of you said no really doesn't. Have, super duper impact me I liked, the debates because you just you. Know it it's not the homogenized stuff that the candidates wanna lay on you You know the moderator can. Ask a question that will take them, off in a different direction in one have you kind of takes him out of the comfort zone and I liked that in because. Then we can learn a little bit more about where they stand. So United nurses and allied professionals local fifty ninety eight and Rhode Island hospital they finally complaints against each other with the National Labor Relations. Board that, doesn't sound good the complaints, were filed yesterday just a day after the two sides. Meant for contract talks for the first time since there's? Is one on strike around the hospital alleging that the nurses union has negotiated in bad faith while, the union says the hospital has made changes. To workplace conditions that are. Supposed to be subjected to collective bargaining federal mediators schedule the. Second round of negotiations coming up for next Wednesday, so we'll see if they can make any headway there boy this one caught my eye what a strange story out of, Cranston Brian Amaral in the Providence Journal. Has a story about a guy who's, charged after police. Responded to a report of a teenage girl he was leading around On a leash is Daniel. Keefe from ABC six Mr. McEvoy ABC six speaking with the Cranston man posting controversial. Videos on his Facebook page with a teenage girl this is twenty. Five year old John McEvoy or doing nothing wrong there's nothing against, the wall with what was going on back voice shared videos of his seventeen year old girlfriend. Being walked on a leash and apparently drinking vodka it's not like I was doing anything like, against her will or something like it looked. Like like all that stuff is like completely consensual and so certain things people into the videos got the attention of the DC YIF which contacted Cranston police wanting them to do, a welfare check on her as it turns out the girl was not there when they went to mcevoy's house while they're sticking, out mcevoy's home on Beckwith. Street police approached him suspecting him of selling drugs McEvoy says he was in the sun room talking to to Cranston officers. When a third approached him from behind grabbed him and that's when he said he went through the. Window and the officers threw him on the table and that's when he got Pepper sprayed we contacted Cranston police to get their version, of the run in with. McEvoy we were told no drugs were found and he was pepper sprayed.

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