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I do feel like pizza. Hut's motto could be. We didn't try to food poisoning. You intentionally actually no shots at just kidding but I would never never eat that pizza. A million years these days I don't know I don't know where I come down like. Oh I think it's GonNa be one of the things that were just never gonNA know. I've had food poisoning before I do. Remember my version of the food poisoning our flu game when I Probably Twenty five and I got an invite and unpaid interview to be on a local Fox affiliate in Portland. I you know it was about twenty the studios about twenty minutes away from my apartment. I had to be driven there. I was ash white. You know I got in there and it looked like I had sunscreen on my face once they put the lights on me like I look just like death I could barely stand up. I'm sure I was completely incoherent but I was operating on autopilot and I was really young in my career so I just needed to have the exposure like no matter what it was like I was saying yes to everything and I told the guy when I got there like look really bad food poisoning last night. I'm sorry I'm just GonNa. I didn't want to cancel on you. Because it's last minute like you know we're taping this three hours before it's going to air so I'm here. I'm going to do the best that I can. Barely I barely made out of their standing up. The host guy was thankful but he was also just like Bro. Like you did not need to do that. This is not the NBA finals. Like what are you thinking and I remember getting home just passing out like I again. I didn't have to drive myself. I didn't have to do anything. So it goes to your point of how he managed if it was food poisoning or or even like a bad flu how he managed to do. What he did is is crazy. And it's it's superhuman. I don't WanNa talk about the Bulls here though Michael. I think we should close up here in the last twenty or so minutes with some questions about their foils in these last couple of episodes because the Pacers got an awful lot of respect from Jordan. You know he didn't give them the brushoff treatment like he did so many of the other Opponents it seemed like he was genuinely scared by the potential the season ending their and in ninety eight or at least they got his attention and then of course you see again another candidate for the greatest moment of the entire documentary when Jordan and Larry Bird our trash talking in the hallway after game seven. Jordan's drop in a few profanities on him and telling him to go get his golf game. Ready to go and Larry is just taken it like a a true competitor that he is kind of laughing along and understanding. This is sort of like what lifelong rivals are going to do. I thought that was just a beautiful moment. But what did you make of Indiana as you were watching those sequences? In hearing Reggie Miller and Jalen rose describe what was happening. Did it take you back to watching that game as a kid? You remember that game and What do you think about the Pacers Place in NBA history? First of all Larry Bird. Yes best seen in all ten episodes right there A quote. We aren't allowed to say unfortunately. But I would like it's up Subtitled screen shot pressed onto a white hoodie. And I was wondering if someone in the open floor globe could make that for me and send it to me as an early birthday present. That'd be terrific. Can't get onto that now. You're GonNa make me feel bad. I'm going to have to do this for you like I'm GonNa. I'm GONNA feel obligated. When's your birthday August seventeenth baby all right? If you've got a T shirt design shop out there with good discounts that can make me one white Hoodie. Please contact US Open. Floor MALE EDGY DOT com. I'll send over a t shirt. Open Floor Mail Dot Com the Pacers great team game. Seven is heartbreaking. If you go back and re watch it and this is one of those things where they didn't do the actual game justice in my opinion because Jordan was awful in that game first of all and the only reason that they one was I will say that Jordan Jordan tenacity. The glasses probably. What would keep them afloat but like I think he should. I don't know the exact numbers at the top of my head but he shot but it was a terrible shooting. Performance had a bunch of pushbacks. The Pacers just did not rebound gave up like twenty three offensive rebounds or something absurd like that. So that's why they lost and I wish that that was just covered a little bit more. I know that that's not the most dramatic way to portray the game. But that's what happened. No Derrick mckey sightings either which was really disappointing for me. I mean that guy just completely botched the end of that game going back and watching the game itself. I just Kinda can't believe that the pacers lost it I was also just really disappointed. In how Reggie Miller just like like I think he's an all time player and one of the best shooting guides who ever lived but like in that game as opposed to how played in the rest of that series. He just couldn't get the ball and get some of that credit you gotta give Jordan. Who was covering him for a good stretch of that of that game seven but like you just when you think about superstars and all star caliber wings and scores like why not just give Reggie Miller the ball and let him like run a pick and roll that sort of screaming for them to do some type of sequence that could get him an open. Look they just like couldn't do it is so painful all these like and Mark Jackson and Travis best and it was that was really tough to swallow. You gotTA probably put it on the coach there during you. Maybe fire the coach. Michael I mean I gotta say also I also absolutely loved Larry's face at the end of game for I mean that is truly psychotic in the most legendary way So good I mean and like when you see guys like that I remember what with Damian Lillard before he hit his first shot to beat the rockets eliminate them Near the rockets are all celebrating. Kinda prematurely. That they're getting it and with the Blazers. I kind of a coolness in a calmness in that moment like hey this thing's not over the true competitors. No it's not done until zero zero zero right. And that's exactly what you get from from Larry Bird. In that moment a couple thoughts came back to me watching that series. I remember being irate as a Jordan Stan in my teenage years when Reggie hit that turnaround three. Where's the offensive foul? It's a blatant shove on Jordan and It's so funny because Jordan gets away with a million of those things but it's just like you get transported back into that moment of pure fan and just being like just yelling at the TV screen. Come on this is this is. This can't be how it ends. You can't let the rest decide. This and you know of course. Jazz fans for decades have thought Jordan. Got a million calls against the jazz in the finals and Dow Park gets gets on You know under I also remember having a real conflict of interest Michael because Jalen rose was like my guy. You know coming up for MICHIGAN BASKETBALL LEFTY POINT GUARD. Kinda wanted to pattern my game after him when I was a teenager. And this idea that rose is doing a little bit. Play making stuff that you're wanting to see from Indiana and having it potentially come at Georgia's expense was like watching my parents fight or something you know I did. I couldn't handle it. I didn't know exactly which side to come down on all. Of course I was GONNA say with Jordan. But that part was tricky. I do think that watching the pacers the frustrations that you're describing It makes you kind of wish. Reggie was just a modern playwright. It just came along twenty years later because time for sure and it just like his his numbers would be way better he would be better in in a super fast paced system that era really got slowed down and ugly and You know it was kind of a chore to watch some of those games and even just to see the team shot selection. Everything wants to be playing through the post like on every single possession you know with the Bulls and mark. Jackson wants to get into the post to and it's not the the most beautiful basketball. I will say the strategy from the jump to just post up. Tony coup coach with Dale Davis. Like on the first fourteen possessions of the game was. I mean it was working. So it's tough to yell at it but it was just like what are you doing on my goodness? It was very painful to watch. I don't recall basketball being that gross but it is disgusting. We just had no idea back. Then what it could be. You know the game was just totally different. Choppier much more deliberate Dustin for an Indianapolis Right. He send us in a long time ago but he writes. This is the only podcast. I listen to an absolutely love. The content thank you Dustin. He says I have heard what seems like a lot of negative. Talk about the. Pacers on your podcast. Over the years I started paying attention to basketball when I first moved to Indianapolis this was during the time apologise emergence as a force in the NBA. The painful departure of Danny granger. The Pacers had that robbery with the heat and he says fun facts. My wife is a very loyal fan and he goes on to say are the Pacers doomed to always being a mediocre team. Just happy to get to the play offs. I think David. Wests said something to that effect. When he left the pacers to chase. Titles with the Spurs and then the warriors. I've also heard you guys say a similar sentiment on a recent podcast by wife will always have the championship team. The Miami Heat to alert over my head helped me out. Is there any hope so I guess I want to spend this one for you? Michael as what about kind of the Post Reggie Pacers like? What do you make of that franchise? They're kind of approach to Staying consistently good but never really been great having a brief window there at early in Paula. Georgia's career where they break through to conference finals I guess you could put them in a very very good category there Is A team that has a pretty long basketball history going back to the ABA What do you make about of place just in the overall MBA landscape? Yeah I mean they were the Celtics of the APA. There were like Mini Dynasty it's it's like I respect..

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