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Early accident seeing refugee road, Winchester Pike as the east of 33. Medics have cleared from the scene. Traffic and weather together. Powered by temp starring classic air I'm Johnny Hilla, NewsRadio, 16 w TVs, BBC six first warning weather from meteorologist and Joe Buck Michael, You have some fun this morning as well with that icy mix of rain and snow. Today's high about 35 degrees. Or fog tonight with a light mix of rain and snow showers alot 34 Similar story for tomorrow is well the high 44 degrees for your Tuesday whether is powered by the basement doctor right now. Mostly cloudy 28 it Buckeye Lake 29 at your severe weather station news radio 6 10 w T V N. Do have a handful of snow emergencies across central Ohio due to the snow. Takeaway Fairfield and Delaware County's all under a level one. Snow emergency this morning the main Strozier hazardous If you venture out this morning, a couple of school delays on the list a Zwelling Pickaway County Taste Valley schools on a two hour delight. And in Hocking County, Logan Hocking schools on a two hour delight. There's any more that come in this morning. That list will be updated at 6 10 W. T. V and Com Starting today, Ohioans Age 75 older are eligible to receive a Corona virus vaccine Phase. One B of the state's rollout plan began last week. With those age 80. An older age groups will be expanded to ultimately allow anyone over age 65 to receive the vaccine. By February, 8th. Higher. Department of Health Reports over 600,000 Ohioans have now received at least one dose of the covert 19 vaccine. Some in person classes resume of the Ohio State University today, ABC Sixes. Maria Durant's is the university began the spring semester on all remote learning on January 11th toe allows students to quarantine before going back to some classes in person. Students started slowly returning to the residence halls. Last week. They were given a covert.

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