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A Philadelphia police cruiser and a state trooper cruiser were already set on fire in the streets of Boston what began as a peaceful protest against the death of George Floyd turned violent and that was the story of the weekend friends so much activity in some fifty different cities and in fact there there is there are some developments in the department of justice today that seem to indicate that may be of that all that activity wasn't even about the original the subject of the protest which was the nation's mourning of the death of George Floyd and the unjust as the injustice of a police officer who took his life not being arrested the friends we have to pick up and move through another day and another week and particularly for those who name the name of Jesus I think it is an important discussion for us to have on this Monday as we will no doubt begin to have more discussions via our social media will tell you last night there were some compare strong thing said between members of my own family that this is obviously tearing at the fray of not only the soul of the country but who we are as a people and so Kevin McCullough welcoming you into a brand new week we have a very special broadcast for you today joining us in just a little while he is the next generation of leadership at the Bethel gospel tabernacle in the city of queens rod Caesar the third will be joining us but I want to turn to one of our the senior faith leaders in the New York metro area I don't think he gets too mad at me when I call in the senior because he doesn't look like he's any older than about twenty eight but doctor David Ireland is back with us who was with us for the night of prayer and David it's always a pleasure to have you with us it's always fun to laugh and have some joy together but today the nation's morning and I'm just curious as you watched the events unfold from last week what did the lord say to you what what were your thoughts and how are you directed over this weekend yeah my pleasure to come back on there again with you Kevin however the the mood in the center of the country is not the best but my mind went back to the apostle Paul in his statement to the Ephesian church officials for first twenty six the employed version of the Bible says be angry at sin and immorality at injustice and ungodly behavior yet do not sin do not let your anger because you shame nor allow it to last until the sun goes down and so your policy yes we have a right to be angry in fact if we're not angry it's all and I understand you know the need to protest I think when the post protesting went south in terms of it being a criminal in fact and and then violent as well as the damaging of the innocent property or the property of innocent people then then there's a problem then that moves beyond that then the sense of it being constructive protests to destructive right now and so that's a problem well I wanna I wanna make very clear and in my later our today friends those of your listing if you join me on the other station AM nine seventy answered five I'm gonna have some investigative reporters joining me who actually believe that the peaceful demonstrations were overtaken by foreign elements that had nefarious motives and we'll we'll get into that in detail at that time but I I having said that David I think one of the things that that there were lots of images that stood out to me obviously the the image that that started all of this was that police officers sitting on the neck of George Floyd and as I read stories about George Floyd over the weekend Franklin Graham released story that it that it appears he may have come to faith in Christ not that long ago prior to this kind of wrongful arrest and of course the action that led to his death there's a lot of interesting things about that initial stage of response to it where you had the democratic mayor of Minneapolis and the Republican president of the US coming together saying this is wrong and we're going to allocate all resources to prosecution into justice into pursuing justice and I think that everyone expected that we were gonna have demonstration for the injustice perpetrated but if people are going to use this for nefarious means and by that I don't mean the protesters that are outraged by the Floyd death but but outside groups coming enter to overtake them and to do things with them sort of being the human shield by behind which they do all of their their evil I think it begins to take a different turn and that's why I want to clearly state on the show that we stand with the Floyd family we stand with the radio station here and the and the and the listenership of Kevin McAlary we stand with the Floyd families they pursue justice for the wrongful death of George Floyd and if that's jail time or worse for the for the police officer involved in you know so so be it that did justice is what is demanded here but I is the church moves forward David and you've done something at Christ Church that is very rare there are not a lot of churches that are thoroughly and inter dimensionally diverse is yours and when you have people that come from very foreign and different viewpoints coming together to be the body it is a unique thing that I think only the Christian family really fully understands it's easy to sit in all white churches it's easy to set an all black churches it's easy to set an all Latino churches it's a very hard thing to pull all those perspectives together what lesson should the church be taking away from the events of the weekend and how we need to respond as a as a as a body of Christ okay great question Kevin I think that the idea is announcer the listeners I wanted to understand my perspective I pastor a church with over seventy different nationalities so I'm African American yet I provide pastoral care to Asians Latinos to whites to the black Caribbeans black Africans blanket on terms of African American as well and so I'm in that position of of of being able to be an advocate for them and advocacy across the racial lines requires a mindset that says at the end of the day I'm not seeking to be right at the end of the day I'm seeking to experience reconciliation and that is a very very narrow focus that has to be there because we can be right and still be sold divided and divest of an approach and our behavior and that's the conversation that we must talk about in terms of you know you hear the the media contest saying that we must have a national conversation and I agree a hundred percent but often times people don't know how to hold a healthy cross race conversation and so I always tell people Kevin I say don't be aimless when you approach that kind of conversation be purposeful understand what the end goal is that you have and I said don't use monologue because lots of people want to just dump their pain or dump their hurts on another race and I say welcome dialogue it has to be a conversation that's a two way street it's a give and take it's listening and with that point is that one cannot be thin skinned get hurt so usually because the person you're talking to they're not that adept at cross streets relationship and so you must understand that size to be thick skinned then I said that the conversation should also those are the other don't is don't appear in vulnerable another words if you're standing there with a stoic way your heart to heart it your impenetrable no one can be able to have a good healthy discourse with you rather express home ability in the conversation say I I wanna learn I wanna understand and my last point in helping having a healthy cross race conversation is that as I mentioned at the at the top of my little soliloquy hitters don't seek to be right but seek to be reconciled when you do that your protest totally different that's the type of national conversation we need to have and it may be painful but yet if the end goal is reconciliation versus being writes that we're gonna find a self experience in dealing on the national level Dr David Ireland such wisdom and I'm so grateful for your voice being part of the national conversation today with Kevin McCullough radio friend thank you for for being here thank you thanks for your time and your thoughts today what does your Kevin thank you Kevin McAllister with this the conversations just getting going another perspective from millennial pastor.

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