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I never n._r._a. You could use hashtag never n._r._a. Just says easley. I pledged to never vote for a politician who takes money from the n._r._a. Any gun manufacturer or their lobbyists both directly or indirectly through a pack and so you look we gotta t._r._t. Army army democracy. They'll probably come up with a list eventually of <hes> politicians that take this money and you could look it up. It's cetera but we can pretty much assume almost every single person in the politician at the national level <hes> for the republican party. They're all corrupt the n._r._a. Money now one more thing about that. If it turns out they don't take n._r._a. Money from now on but they still the same way because they really can't read a poll and they're really stupid and they go ninety. Seven percent of americans wanted pedal background checks three percent that don't want one okay. Hey it's a free country. They can do that either. Vote for for them all day long if you want but we need to know that it's an honest vote because they care about this second amendment or their voters until they stop taking that any money. You'd be an idiot to believe them know. The correct answer is they're all corrupt. They all take legalize bribes from an i._r._a. That's why they don't do anything me about the massacres period any other reporter who tells you otherwise is an idiot and doesn't know anything about politics. It is corruption one on one. You want to know why the massacres are happening because of our politicians and because of guns full stop so let's move on to the politicians and their reaction to <hes> the shooting this up place over the weekend so following the shooting that occurred in odessa texas. Donald trump is arguing that hey you. You know what there's really nothing that we can do and there's nothing that you should expect from us now. Trump has gone back and forth when it comes to possible gun legislation but it seems like after the last shooting in paso texas the n._r._a. Had a firm talking to with trump and he's now decided that background checks. Just don't make sense here..

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