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All right folks settle in because today we're in. New Orleans. So, nineteen eighteen to nineteen nineteen I'll carry we've got some pretty big stuff going on here. There's a lot of names. And quite frankly there's just a lot of information so I'm really just going to go. Bare. Bones. Here's the information kinda thing. Okay. That makes sense. Perfect. So. New Orleans. We're in nineteen eighteen. For, those of you who don't know our New Orleans is it's in Louisiana. Continuing may twenty third of nineteen eighteen? So it is sticky hot in Louisiana New Orleans. For, those of you who don't come from the south of the United States, it gets a really stupid humid and really stupid around this. Time of year okay. Like, miserable miserable like it's weather you wear as what we say it's growth. -actly. But. Honestly I don't know if it was any different back then you know climate change and all that. Probably not. Anyway so During this time. The town of New Orleans was. Just. Terrified for their lives and I'm going to get into exactly why here in a moment but Let's talk about. The first victim occur. Protect Victims I. Guess. So we've got Joseph and Katherine go on May Twenty Third Nineteen eighteen like I said. They owned a grocery store and they lived in a little apartment like above the. Grocery. Store. They were both Italian Americans hard working they. Were pretty much part of the community I mean they own a grocery store so You know people know him some people like them. It was also a weird time. and. that. It was a time that was. Racially. Distraught almost people didn't necessarily Really. Get along with other races. Sure, so you know. We can relate. Yeah. It doesn't feel that different from now. Yeah. Yeah. So it's nice to know that one hundred years ago. People were still stupid yet. So. They own this grocery store they lived above it and the night of May twenty third they. Were attacked in their, apartment? He had his skull fractured by his own acts and his throat was slit with razor. And she. Her throat had also been cut. And she actually died choking on her own blood. Oh my gosh. How terrifying? Yeah. That was the first of the whole thing and it was absolutely terrible. So you'll hear a lot of me saying that the victim owned their axe on the acts that. was used against them or that there was a panel chiseled out of. One of the doors to get into the house. Okay. Okay. Intriguing. Yeah. So just keep ears out for that. Okay, they're ready they're ready and prepared. Okay. So. The MAGGIO's died. I two victims right there came. Okay both Italian. Americans. Now. We've got to other people. On June twenty seventh Lewis, Bessemer and his mistress Harriet low. were. Sleeping. In. Bed. As. One does. and. late in the night they you know got their heads bashed in by Bessemer. Zone acts. He actually was very fortunate and that he live unfortunately Harry it did in fact die. Oh my goodness. That makes three actual victims. One is living. I wonder how all Lewis survived that. Girl. I don't know but I think people back in the day had very hard heads because there's a few more that. Show my goodness. Okay boiler but. I'm like, how on Earth do you live through? An axe bashing your head in. Yeah. No kidding. That's insane. So. Just tally up the count again, we've got four victims. Re Dead. came. So he's got a pretty good running. Statistic. Yep. Next we have Anna Schneider. On August fifth. Anna was. Asleep. She was also eight months pregnant. She was no. Yeah. She was twenty eight years old and she lived on L. Myra, street which I only put in because I used to live on an. L., Myra straight. That's crazy. What a weird coincidence I know. Anyway so Anish neider was home alone. Her husband was off working late and so she. Has I'm assuming eight months pregnant ladies are got tired and so she went to bed. while. Her husband came home a little after midnight and. He found her. In bed just bleeding everywhere. Her hand. In. A back door had been there had been a little hole chiseled Dow and then they found. an axe in the backyard. And I'm I didn't double check this but I think it was his. Gosh well, that had to be terrified to come home to I mean, wouldn't it? Yes. But I do have to say. that. Anna lift. Good, an. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Wow really. Yeah Dude as after. So there's some good news to the story. Yeah. Unfortunately, she did not remember a thing about the attack but. No of course not yeah I mean I wouldn't. Suspect to. Know Abhor saying is so pregnant. So tired she could be. I.

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